Twitter’s Top Hashtags Of 2011

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The guys who run Twitter have released the top hashtags used on Twitter.

The reason they have released this information is to illustrate how diverse Twitter can be, with its users discussing subject matters such as politics and celebrity gossip.

For those of you not up to date with your Twitter terminology, hashtags are used to group tweets containing a certain subject matter together, using the character “#”.

And the diverseness is clear to see by the top two hashtags, as they are #egypt and #tigerblood.

While the first revolves around the unrest within the Arabic nation during the spring of 2011, the second’s meaning revolves around a comment by actor Charlie Sheen, where he states “My fangs are dripping in tiger blood”. He joined Twitter roughly at the same time and managed to gain one million followers in the first 24 hours, which is believed to be a record for the site.

The Californian company have also released the top hashtags used in certain subject matters.

Apple products are rife in the Technology section, with Mac App Store, iPad, iPhone and iPod hitting the top ten, with Mac App Store hitting the top spot.

Rebecca Black, singer of the infamous song Friday, hit the top spot for the Music section, while the likes of Thor and The Dark Knight Rises were among the highest used hashtags in the Movies category.

A full list can be seen here.

So, why am I sharing this information with you? Well, pretty simple, really. I want to know if you agree with this list. I would also like to know what was your top Twitter hashtags of 2011.

So come on then, don’t be shy. Let the world of the internet know your opinions on this in the comments.

SourceBBC News and Mashable

ImageDay One Hundred Twelve by Dustin Diaz.


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