Two Punks And A Tandem

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Young people from the Upper Cynon Cluster with support from the Arts Council of Wales have organised a professional company, the Silly Boys, to perform ‘Two Punks and a Tandem’ at the YMCA Hirwaun, Thursday 19th March at 6.30.  

We hope as many organisations as possible can support the event.  The young people are working really hard to make it a success.  The show is suitable for 11+ to adults. 

The show is set in the United Kingdom during the punk era.  Unemployed and feeling under valued, a group of mates embark on a tandem ride to support charity. Based on a true story and set against a back drop of Thatcher’s bleak, beat up and broken Britain, a hilarious and powerful tale emerges about friendship, love and fear. The show is brought to life with poetry, puppetry and live music.

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