Uganda visit proves life changing!

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Twenty five students and staff from Pontypridd High School, Hawthorn High School and Bryncelynog Comprehensive returned this week from a life changing visit to Uganda.
The focus of the trip was to visit schools twinned through the PONT Scheme.
During the ten days in Uganda they visited different projects including:
A girl’s hostel which is currently in the process of being built. Foundations have been laid in preparation for another visit from members of Pontypridd High School’s Construction Department who will assist with the completion of the building.
Primary schools and secondary partner schools where gifts were distributed and English lessons taught in classes of up to 180 pupils.
Sharing Opportunity which supports local orphans, gifts and clothing were distributed.
Namatala, a slum of 25,000 people. Here stationary donations were given to the primary school.
A wildlife reserve where the visitors caught sight of the rare white rhino.
Although the journey via Amsterdam and Rwanda was exhausting, it was an experience they will never forget.
On the flight home the pilot made an announcement to thank everyone for their contribution on the visit stating that he was proud to be Welsh!


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