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Please note: you may have known about The Dark Soul Forest – Part 1 but since I have unfortunately lost my work it will not be continued.
This is a book I’m working on which is going to be soon published on Wattpad. Here’s a snippet but I need a name for it.

Wednesday, 25 April 2075. 10:35am.

The Government is corrupt. CCTV is everywhere, even in peoples homes, hidden away from the naked eye. Everyone calls it Big Brother, the only privacy is the bathroom…that show is on TV but it’s now Big Brother Earth, they created this one island…they call it Big Brother Island, every year people are put in this house, only 12 countries take part in this game. 24 housemates…God knows how many cameras are watching them…

Thursday, 26 April 2075. 11:35am.

Cardiff Skylin Apartments 10th Floor – raining heavily

I gotta be careful what I write, the Government saw what I wrote…they came to my door at 2am – can’t anyone have any sleep?! I’m lucky to be going on holidays; time for me to have an adventure!! It’s about time I did. I suppose I should go pack everything and leave before the police come to knock at my door…
Do you know a good name for this story so far?
Comment below if you do!
Want to see a story I’ve written on Wattpad? Click here: http://www.wattpad.com/32253728-the-diary-of-ol%27-times



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