Unnatural Scent

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Lounging casually against the wall, Kathryn appeared unconcerned. The slight wind blew her hair softly, almost like a caress, but despite the absence of a jacket, she did not appear cold in the least. The other black uniformed pupils around the school grounds looked cold, shivering in the low temperatures.

She did not have to wait long.

A shape moved along the path, turning to walk down the drive of the school, passing through the yellow gates. It was her friend, Kate Evans, an unusual glint in her blue eyes.

Kathryn noticed the strange glitter in her eyes and the unusual semi grin on her face. Her eyes were shadowed, as if she had not slept, yet lethargy did not appear in her movements or visage. She cocked her head curiously in silent question as her friend approached. Even her scent was…odd…she smelled of…cut grass, and the wild.

“Have you changed your deodorant?” she enquired curiously, lifting an eyebrow.
“No” answered Kate, narrowing her blue eyes alarmingly, wondering if she had been insulted or not.

Kathryn smiled, and stared in to those blue eyes which were a reflection of her soul. She saw an untamed power hidden in the depths, new and fresh, only just awoken, and she understood. “Bloodmoon?”

Now Kate grinned, a wolfish smile, as if her friend was a bird and she was hungry. “Yes indeed. Last night I came of age.”

Kathryn gave a curt nod and looked away, losing interest, to peer up in to the sky. For several moments neither of them spoke.

“Now I can…smell you,” Kate said at last before the tension could mount between them. “you are…not normal. Your scent scares animals. Almost…reptilian. Dry and musky.”

Kathryn chuckled as she lowered her head to peer at Kate again, but now her blue eyes were glowing red, the colour of red hot coals, and her lips parted in a grin that revealed small yet sharp looking fangs, and there was nothing comforting in that smile. Suddenly Kate felt pangs of fear. Kathryn lifted a hand to scratch her cheek with a finger and instead of a fingernail at it’s tip, there was a two inch curving claw as sharp as a razor blade. Kate absently wondered how she did not cut her own soft flesh, so sharp did it look.

“You might be a pack member now, but I am the Guardian” Kathryn said, her voice no nonsense sending chills colder than the wind in her friend. “Of this school, and those who come here. I am the Huntress, also known as Deathstalker, lover of vengeance and magic, enemy to Bleakreth. I am Flamestriker, Dragonruler of the red and green armies of Kaldrax.” She paused for effect “you are either my ally or my enemy. You do not want to be my enemy.” Unseen plumes of steam hissed from her nostrils, their warning silent and unspoken.


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