Valentine’s Day

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Scene 1: (on stage, up right.)

(Spotlights on both people, Ebony is sitting in her garden, sun-bathing, talking to her boyfriend, Lewis over the phone.)

Ebony: (Laughing loudly as she talks) Hahaha I know that is SO hilarious!

(On stage, up left.)

Lewis: (Paying more attention to his Xbox) It wasn’t that funny.

Ebony: (Flirting) Anything is funny when you say it, babe! (Making kissing noises)

Lewis: (Concerned) OK…

(Short silence)

Ebony: So…

Lewis: So…it’s Valentine’s Day next week. I was wondering whether you wanted to go for a pizza or something.

Ebony: (Angrily) PIZZA? ON VALENTINE’S DAY! (Disbelievingly) YOU’RE KIDDING ME, RIGHT?

Lewis: (Disappointed) Ah no, I thought it would be romantic. You know, go for a stroll afterwards on the beach, watch the firework show, but if you don’t…

Ebony: (Interrupting) Woah, woah, woah, woah! Yeah, sure, that would be lovely. Pick me up at 8PM sharp. DON’T BE LATE!

Lewis: (Excited) Ok see you then! Love you.

Ebony: Love you too! (Blows him a kiss.)

(Both hang up the phone and freeze.)

(Spotlights turn off.)

Scene 2: (Lights come back on but now on down right.)

(Ebony, Jessie and Megan walk onto stage with shopping bags, walk into salon, sit down and are getting hair, nails and makeup done.)

Jessie: So what do you think he is going to do? I mean, he wouldn’t just take you out for any reason, believe me, its men, they’re all the same.

Ebony: Nothing, I think he is just trying to be nice; we haven’t been out together for a while. The last time we went out properly together was a year ago when we went to a rugby match, but even that wasn’t a proper night out.

Megan: Maybe he is going to propose. You have been going out with him for about 10 years now, is it? You are 32 and you’re not getting any younger.

Ebony: Thanks, Meg, well appreciated.

Megan: You know what I mean.

Jessie: Megan’s right, I think it’s time for you to settle down with him, you know, make a family. You both have brilliant, well-paid jobs, beautiful houses and there is nothing stopping you from living your dream.

Ebony: I suppose so. Maybe we are ready to start a family; maybe we are ready to take a massive step forward.

Zuri: Well it seems like this is going to be a very big day for you so let’s get cracking.

(A love song starts playing as the salon staff put makeup on Ebony and do her hair.)

Ebony: (Looks into mirror) Wow, I look amazing!

Jessie and Megan: Wow, you look gorgeous!

Ebony: (Hugs salon staff) Thanks so much, how can I ever repay you?

Zuri: It’s my job, you don’t have to give me anything, and seeing it is going to be a big day for you how about a 30% discount?

Ebony: (Screams with excitement) You are the best, well we’d better get going, and we need to find a beautiful pair of shoes to go with my beautiful new outfit.

(They walk out of the salon.)

(Spotlights turn off.)

Scene 3: (Spotlights come back on but now on up left.)

(Lewis is in his apartment watching TV when Sam and James walk in.)

Lewis: Alright, guys? (Turns the TV off.)

Sam & James: Yeah.

Sam: So you’re proposing then?

Lewis: Excuse me?

James: You’re proposing to Ebony right?

Lewis: Well…I wasn’t going to. Why? (Nervously.)

Sam & James: Oh! (They look at each other with concerned faces.)

James: No reason, I just think Ebony will be waiting for that big question tonight.

Lewis: I am only taking her out for dinner, we do it every year on Valentine’s Day so what’s so different this year?

Sam: You have been going out for, what, 10 years now? Don’t you think you should move on with your lives? Take a step forward? Because I definitely know she is expecting that question and I know she is going-

Lewis: To say yes!

James: Yes!

Lewis: Well, I’d better go buy that ring then. I haven’t got long before I have to pick her up!

Sam & James: Good luck!

(Lewis runs off the stage to the right and Sam and James sit down on the settee and turn on the TV.)

(Spotlights turn off.)

Scene 4: (Spotlights come back on but now on up right.)

(Ebony is in front of the mirror making finishing touches to her hair and makeup.)

Ebony: Yes! Yes! Yes! No, no, no. How should I say it. Yes! (Sarcastically) UGHHH! I will never get this right!

(Doorbell rings.)

(Looks at watch)

Ebony: 8PM sharp! Well, he does know how to impress a girl doesn’t he?

(Opens door)

Lewis: Hi, honey!

Ebony: Hi, are you ready, I can’t wait for tonight.

Lewis: Me neither, you will definitely be surprised.

(They both walk off stage to the right holding hands and laughing.)

(Spotlights turn off.)

Scene 5: (Spotlights come back on but now on down left.)

(Italian music starts playing as Ebony and Lewis walk into the restaurant and take a seat.)

Lewis: (Pulling a chair out for Ebony) For you my lady!

Ebony: (Going along with the game, acting all posh.) Why, thank you sir!

(They both laugh.)

Waitress: May I help you?

Lewis: Yes, we will have (handing her the menus) 1 large mixed meats pizza with pineapple and extra peppers, a vegetable pizza with chilli sauce and two diet cokes please no ice. Thank you.

Waitress: Certainly, coming right up.

Ebony: Thank you very much. (Smiling at the waitress as she walks off.) So, why this place? What’s so special?

Lewis: Nothing special, they just serve delicious pizzas, best in the world I think. But that’s for you to decide.

Ebony: If it’s the best in the world, doesn’t that mean it’s expensive?

Lewis: Yes, but it’s only about £30 per pizza, no biggy. If I can’t spend £30 on my girl what can I do?

Ebony: I suppose it’s not that much. So what’s this surprise then?

Lewis: It wouldn’t be a surprise if I-

Waitress: Order up! Enjoy! (Puts the pizza and the drinks on the table and then walks away.)

Lewis & Ebony: Thank you!

Lewis: As I was saying. It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now would it?

Ebony: I know but-

Lewis: It’s not long now!

(They both continue to eat their pizza, gazing into each others eyes.)

Lewis: (Getting ready to propose) OK, Ebony, we have been going out for a while now and I think we get along really well. We have our ups and downs but when we make up it just makes us stronger. I love you so much. I think its time we move on, so Ebony…will you marry me? (Pulls out a ring from his pocket)

(Ebony gasps, puts her hands over her mouths and looks at Lewis)

(Long pause)

Lewis: OK…this is embarrassing. (Chuckles) So Ebony, what do you say, will you marry me?

(Spotlights turn off)

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