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Hey, guys. VGBish here. This is an article informing you of the brand spanking new YouTube group called valleygamerz and, guess what, we are recruiting. The only thing we look for in our recruits is either a love for gaming, technology or music – we don’t care about your culture.

Now, a little history of valleygamerz for you. We started off recording Modern Warfare 2 a year back using our mobile phones and since then we have delved into Minecraft, Tekkit Tutorials, Rage, Borderlands and more. We now have 30 subscribers and counting. Our channel is approaching 1,500 views so if you could add to either of them that would be great and we currently have 15 registered members. We have a Runescape clan, we have an Enjin site and we are registered on the top 100 clans.

And, yes, we are from the valleys and I will give you a teaser. Me and my friend, Ben, have planned to do The Crafting Dead which is a series of The Walking Dead but using Minecraft and some mods to help us out.

Anyway, back to the important stuff. We are dwindling in members and popularity so I am reaching out to you, the Wicid community, to help us out. Here’s a link to our YouTube channel:

If anyone is interested, we currently use ezvid and free recording systems so if anyone could help us out with recording that is welcome. We are also looking for artists and musicians and anyone in the valleys who can provide us with a base of operations.

After the necessary security checks obviously contact me here for more info on how to join and from there you can learn more about valleygamerz and how we operate and if anyone is wondering, right now we are spending nothing on valleygamerz but we will after the next Tekkit update.

Now you’ve had the info watch this space for more of my gaming reviews.

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4 thoughts on “Valleygamerz Now Recruiting”

  1. Rhysins says:

    Aw thats cool. I sent you something a day or so ago mentioning my interest. Hope all goes well for you in the future, hope you didn’t plan on doing Nintendo Let’s Plays after the recent announcement from them…

  2. VG BISH says:

    @RadicalRhys could you tell me on what format you sent me mail on?

  3. Rhysins says:

    @VGBish Not quite sure what you mean by format. Format of the email? Erm, Gmail? Format of the games I play? Most, like PS3, PS2, 360, Xbox, Wii, Gamecube, 3DS, DS, N64, stuff like that.
    If you got my email, replying to it would be better so I we don’t end up spamming the comment section here.

  4. VG BISH says:

    sorry dude ye i cant message you on youtube and i think you sent email to the wrong account my new email is

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