Valley’s Roller Dolls

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Something new is happening in Rhondda Cynon Taff.

Valley’s Roller Dolls are the newest roller derby league to spring up in Wales, chasing hot on the wheels of the Tiger Bay Brawlers, Cardiff Roller Collective, Swansea City Slayers and the Mid Wales Roller Derby.

To those who are unsure of what roller derby is, roller derby is a full contact, high-intensity competitive sport played on quad roller skates. It involves two teams of four blockers, known as the pack, skating around an oval track. While a point scorer from each team, known as the jammer, tries tries to fight their way through the pack. The jammers gain one point from every person on the opposition that they pass. There’s a video attached for you to watch too.

They are looking to recruit girls and guys from the county over the age of eighteen to become skaters, referees and non-skating officials, as well as practice space and the all important sponsors.

Fancy it? Why not hit them up on their social network sites?

Either their Facebook here, Twitter here, or email them at

They also have a blog, which can be seen here


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