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Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on Wicid. I don’t know how many people remember my stories, but I am planning on writing more now that I’m back. I’m not sure what to say, if I’m honest. A lot has happened since I last published on this site, so I might as well tell you what’s going on.

People probably know that I have a strong interest in music. Last year I started going to concerts and my life seemed to change from then. Music is now a huge part of my life so, as well as writing stories, I may also write reviews on bands and gigs.

The first concert I went to was headlined by Fearless Vampire Killers, an incredible theatrical rock band from England. I recommend that you look them up if you haven’t heard of them already. My second concert was headlined by Yashin, another amazing rock band from Scotland with an American front man, Harry Radford. The third was a local battle of the bands, and the fourth was headlined by Taking Hayley, a pop punk band from England. Again, I recommend you search for their music, as they are an amazing band.

My interest in music has also led me to want to start a band. I have learned to play bass and guitar, I’m trying to start a rock band with some of my friends, and I’m planning on doing a music course in college.

It’s not all good though. As a fan of the huge band My Chemical Romance, I had a shock earlier this year as the band suddenly ended after 12 years of being one of the most influential bands in rock.

But, on a lighter note, I am hoping to do more now that I am back. I can’t promise anything, but I will try to review concerts when I return from them and try to write stories as much as possible.

I must warn, though, that my stories are likely to be dark and may be frightening to some people.

Okay, now that’s finished, did you miss me? Haha.

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