Vettel to join Ferrari?

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Ferrari’s headline-grabbing claim that Sebastian Vettel could “easily coexist” with Fernando Alonso was a ploy by the team to ‘test the water’, Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz believes.

In an interview published this week on Ferrari‘s official website, team boss Stefano Domenicali pointedly refused to refute speculation that Vettel – rumoured to have signed a pre-contract agreement with the Scuderia for 2014 – could partner Alonso in the near future.

The most interresting part of this is that we know that at some point in their careers, Formula 1 drivers want to drive for Ferrari and Vettel has confirmed that he would like to drive for the team at some point in his career. So the main question that everyone is asking is, “When will he join the Scuderia?”. It is assumed that Sebastian will join Ferrari in 2014 with the then 33 year old Fernando Alonso. At that age, Formula 1 drivers start to consider retirement, but what will happen?

The issue is complicated by the memory of Alonso’s solitary year at McLaren alongside Lewis Hamilton ending in bitter recriminations and a state of civil war breaking out inside the team. However, Ted Kravitz has said that he is confident that Ferrari could handle the presence of both Vettel and Alonso inside their garage.


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