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Hey, guys. VGBish here and this is my February column. I’m sorry it’s late but it’s been an all-round quiet month so let’s get stuck in.

Music: 8
This month has been full of legends releasing singles. Fallout Boy, Mac Lethal and even Dan Bull have been throwing songs at us left right and centre so let’s get listening guys.

TV and Film: 6
Nothing much went on with films last month but Overkill Studios have announced that they will be doing a crossover with The Walking Dead *fangirl shriek*. I can’t wait.

Games: 4
A very quiet month for games, other than the Call of Duty DLC being released and a couple of updates here and there.

All Things Bish: 8
Well, the obvious thing to write about would be CLIC shutting down which I am gutted about as the Government is slowly destroying our country. #RIPClic
The Games Dev Show date has been announced and I’ve been shortlisted for the Longitudinal Prize and exams are coming up… fun.

Sorry for this one being short; I’m thinking about turning this into video form as well so I need a camera… money money money. Oh well thanks for reading and feel free to comment about things going on in your life


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