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Hey, guys. VGBish here with my new monthly column about all things Bish-ey, This month we found out many things.

Music: 7
Enter Shikari have released their new album; Fallout Boy have also released their new album. Also, 2cellos are back with a cover of Avicii’s, ‘Hey, brother’.

TV: 8
With The Flash and Gotham returning to our screens there is only one more fandom to return – The Walking Dead. Now, being a huge Alfred Pennyworth fan I am loving the return of Gotham, The Flash is more Kr4ck3n‘s cup of tea and I cannot wait for The Walking Dead to return.

Movies: 7
With a part of my childhood ending at the release of Night at The Museum 3, a new chapter has been opened within my life with the release of Kingsman: Secret Service. This is what the world needs: less trilogies, more new ideas.

Gaming: 8
Now, this month is really good for games as some very good games were released such as H1Z1 and Dying Light. Although January is slow for games I will try and get some gameplay up for you guys.

Bish’s Life: 6
Not really a good start to the year for me; the exam stress is really hitting me hard hence why the YouTube stuff has slowly stopped although some Vlogs and Baldric gameplay are coming soon.

Wicid Stuff: 8
Wicid is back up.
Saints Row 4 DLC has been given out.
Hoodies and stuff are coming soon.
Online meetings!

This has been VGBish, you have been my audience and see you at the end of February.

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