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Opening note – this layout is taken from the post I previously wrote on the Astro amino of the same theme, but just about Astro. If you see anyone copying this layout please tell me. Thanks.

This is just a pre-warning for this post, but as you guys may or may not be able to tell, this post is designed to be a long-ish post so go get a cup of tea, pop some toast, sit on your sofa or couch and be prepared to read all about the eras, concepts, albums and more (so far!) about your favourite boy group, Victon!

Era One – I’m Fine [Debute]

I’m Fine was the debute title track by the boys, and the track is on their debute mini-album (also known as their first mini-album) Voice To The New World, the meaning behind their name. The mini-album contains 6 songs. In my opinion, this concept was a very Astro like cute debute concept and everyone knows I like Astro aswell, so I really enjoyed Victon’s debute. Plus the music video featured APink’s Son Naeun and I love APink too!

The title track for the first mini-album as said above is the debute track I’m Fine, however the boys have also done promotions for the song What Time Is It Now and #Begin Again. They made music videos for all three songs and have performed them live, along with most the songs on their first mini-album.

In my opinion, when I first heard the album I was very taken aback. I didn’t know what to think as I listened to it. They weren’t the sort of group I would usually listen to, but I was really digging their music so I decided to seriously get into the boys and that’s where I am at now.

Here is my ‘Member Spotlight’ segment where I will be talking about a member who really shined or showed off the most during a certain era, and the decision will be made from me watching all dance practices, live stages and any mvs that the album has connected to it.

The member who has won ‘Member Spotlight’ for I’m Fine, in my opinion, is Seungsik. It was honestly so hard to choose a member spotlight for this era seems as it was their debute and each of them stood out during their solo segments of songs etc (I still demand Subin gets more lines), and I was ultimately torn between Seungsik and Sejun but Seungsik stood out just that little bit more to me and so he was chosen as the member spotlight for the I’m Fine era.

I chose Seungsik as the member who stood out the most because during the music video [I’m Fine] he looked very fun and carefree while still looking very handsome. He is not my bias, don’t get me mistaken but he is a great vocal and a very treasured member of the group. All the boys have their roles in the group and they fill those roles in very well.

Now onto my fangirl segment. This is just a short segment where I can fangirl about my bias or anything really. And fun fact, Seungwoo was my bias from day one. I loved how cute he was and honestly, I didn’t even know he had abs until like two weeks after I had gotten into them, but how can you deny his cute cat-like smile?

Era Two – Eyez Eyez

The Eyez Eyez era was the boys first comeback (and currently only comeback), and the song is a very cool sounding song with bold dance moves and a very masculine styled music video. The music video was very clean, with great visuals and honestly, the overall aesthetic was just brilliant. Some people didn’t like the blur effects but I don’t mind it. My favourite song on this album was ‘In The Air’. The song has a very catchy beat and it sort of sounds like a song I would associate with Pentagon but never the less it’s a great song and I really love it, I loved it from the second I heard it.

Now on to the Member Spotlight segment. For this era, the member who stood out the most to me had to be Seungwoo. And no, not because he is my bias but because he was the opening for Eyez Eyez and in my opinion his visuals were the most prominent in the music video which just drew me in to chose him as the member who stood out the most.

For this era, I couldn’t really find just one main thing to fangirl about. It was a good first comeback in my opinion and while at first I wasn’t too keen on the title track for the album, in the music video the boys looked breathtakingly good looking and you can feel they put a lot of hard work into it. I am still angered over the lack of Subin distribution however, but that’s for another post.


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