Visitors from Hell

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It was 4 year ago, and there was a girl called Luna. Luna was 15 years old and her 16 birthday was coming up in a week.
Early in the morning, Luna’s mother said to her “I need to talk about this week Luna, your uncle Dracula and your cousins are coming to stay for a week.
Luna’s face went white and she screamed. Upset she said “I’m going to be dead! I’m going out, I’ll be back in a minute”. Luna went up to the park to meet her friends who are called Usagi, Makoto, Chibiusa, Riven and Nabu.

Later that night Luna and her friends were by the creak when one of the girls said
“Can you hear that, it sounds like someone is there”. They all looked but there was no one there. A few minutes later the wind shook the tree and a figure started walking towards Luna and her friends. There was people there, and one of them said
“Luna it is me”. Luna looked and thought she knew that voice, and said
“Is that you Vladimir?”
He replied “Yes it is. We are here to get you to come home, your mother needs”
Luna said “I’ll see you later guys”. and started to walk home. She walked with Uncle Drac, Vlad and his sister Ingrid.

A few minutes later they were back at Luna’s home. They went into the house and Luna said
“You said that they were coming tomorrow mother, not today! I’m going to bed I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The next day Luna woke up startled by her cousin Vlad. He was sleeping on the floor in her room and hugging one of her cats.
Luna got up and said “Vlad get up now, before I hit you!” Vlad jumped to his feet and said
“What are you gonna hit me for?”
She replied “Because you’re in my room sleeping when you shouldn’t be in here. So why are you here?”
“It was not very dark down there and I’m not the only one up here sis and dad are here, too.”
“GET OUT!” screamed Luna. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”

They all ran downstairs and shouted to Luna
“Hurry up and come down”.
Luna went downstairs and said “There are three days until my 16th birthday. So… what are we doing?”
“We do not know, we were going to go with you today, so we can get you a gift for your birthday”.

Later that morning Luna asked “Why is uncle Dracula drinking something that looks like blood?
Drac replied in a squeaky voice “It’s not blood”.
Luna knew he was lying and wondered why.
Drac continued “Luna, later we need to talk to you about something”.
She replied, “Ok, but I need to go to Aberdare first to get some things for my party”.

Later when Luna returned, her and uncle Drac had a long talk, all about what would happen to Luna after her 16th birthday. It didn’t make much sense, but the general idea was that she would become a pureblood vampire. She looked at him like he was mad.

It was night time and Vlad woke Luna up
“You have to run, my dad is going to make you into vampire on your 16th birthday”.
Luna said “He can try, but he won’t get me!”

The next day it was Luna’s 16th birthday and she felt a little ill. Her teeth were feeling very sharp and her eyes were going red with bits of blue in them.
She got up from bed and looked in the bathroom mirror, but there was no reflection! She wasn’t there!
Luna got dressed in a hurry and went downstairs.
She asked ‘What is going on? Why don’t I have a reflection? and my teeth are sharp. So what’s going on? she pleaded.
Uncle Drac replied “You are now a vampire and you’re moving to Transylvania with us forever.
Luna looked horrified.

Later that day Luna’s friends came around for the party. It was very dark outside and Luna felt very thirsty, thirsty for blood! She didn’t know what to do!
She went for a walk to the field with her friends. It was very dark and silent. They were all sitting down, when one of the boys cut his hand. Luna’s eyes went red and her teeth were getting sharp and then she blinked and wanted to drink his blood.
“I’m not myself” and ran back to the house.

She shouted “I’ll go to Transylvania if we leave tomorrow!”

The next morning Luna packed up all of her things and wrote a letter to her friends. At the end of the letter she wrote.
“If you see me in 12 years and I look the same. I am a Vampire”.

They left for Transylvania and it is said that they are still there now.

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