Wazzup at Hawthorn! – Issue 3 for Summer 2011!

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Message from the Editor, Martyn David.

We’re here for the third issue of”Wazzup at Hawthorn” the termly newsletter, funded by the e3+programme.

This issue seems to have flown bymore so than the previous two, but it didn’t mean we rushed on detail. Thisissue contains some new features, including a bit of a shake-up to previouslayouts – see if you can spot them!

Finishing off this issue, I’verealised that this could be my last issue as Editor, so I guess this is myopportunity to pass on something I’ve learnt.

Make the most of the amazing supportRhondda Cynon Taf’s Services for Young People have to offer you, you’d besurprised what you can achieve with some hard work and a positive attitude.

I owe such a thank you to both thee3+ programme at Hawthorn High School, and also to www.wicid.tv – they’ve bothhelped me a great deal and given me opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwisehave had.

The best advice I could give you allis this “Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.” (Richard Dumb)
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2 thoughts on “Wazzup at Hawthorn! – Issue 3 for Summer 2011!”

  1. SirClucky says:

    Thanks Cat 🙂 Is there a PDF going up?

    Hope you all enjoy it, over the next few days they should be available in every library across R.C.T as they archive each issue. Please, feel free to take and pass on any issue you find (Not from the libraries mind) I’m trying to get them the furthest I can.

    You’ll find information on R.C.T Detached Youth, Wicid.tv (of course) how the paper is made, Comic Relief, Help for Heroes, e3+ and 5×60 news, DofE, Animal Captivity, and a custom-built maze (New feature! :D)

    Enjoy! Next issue will probably be available around September/October – Can’t wait! 🙂 xx

  2. CrazyDistortion says:

    @SirClucky it is indeed up (the PDF of the magazine, that is). There’s a link on the last part of the article, click it and it’ll take you there (if you can’t see it, I’ll give you a hint – it’s the only green thing in the article itself).

    If that fails, paste this link into your address bar and it should come up. > http://www.wicid-downloads.co.uk/Wazzup-Mag-Issue-3-for-Summer-2011.pdf

    Hope that’s good enough for you. =].

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