We Will Remember 9/11

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13 years ago today on the 11th September 2001, America and the rest of the world witnessed a day like no other.

Two hi-jacked American Airliner passenger jets headed for the World Trade Centre in New York. The first plane hit the North Tower; shortly after the second plane hit the South Tower. One hi-jacked plane headed for the Pentagon in Washington, it hit the government building causing a huge fire to rip through the complex.

Nearly 3,000 people got killed on that horrific day 13 years ago. The attack was carried out by Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation. The South Tower of the most symbolic towers in the world collapsed first, followed shortly after by the North Tower causing a huge ash cloud which surrounded New York’s streets for several days. The world was on high security alert, Britain stepped up the amount of police in all UK airports and in the States the same procedure took place.

Today a memorial is now placed where the two huge holes remain of the Twin Towers, water fountains and the names of those who lost their lives; workers, police officers, fire men, paramedics and those who also tried to help.

There is now the One World Trade Centre on the site of Ground Zero which is also known as the Freedom Tower. Standing at 1,776-feet, it’s America’s tallest building and it overlooks the original footprints of the Twin Towers.

We will never forget that utterly horrific day.

We will remember. 

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