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Wales in Crisis!

Why is it that when it snows in Wales we can hardly function but in other parts of Europe it’s just another regular day?

The start of the New Year has seen Wales attacked by floods and snow.

Wales is becoming more and more familiar with the works of torrential rain and their implications on us.

Wales has seen more floods in 2012 than any other British country, and emergency services have worked around the clock – over-stretching its resources while doing so.

The New Year brought heavy snow to Wales and Britain causing major implications to travel and to the health of its residents.

The dramatic change in temperature has meant that Wales and Britain is getting more snow, sleet showers and heavy rain and this means that accidents on roads and on pavements are becoming more common.

The snow was the cause of many accidents around Wales and some motorists were left stranded because the snow was so bad.

More and more accidents were the result of slipping on the ice than any other common risks.

The hospitals saw, and are still seeing, a lot of broken bones, torn tendons and muscle damage due to the implications of the snow and ice.

Although extreme weather is becoming more apparent in Wales, the Welsh people are still not prepared.

The difference in other parts of Europe is that even though they are having more and more changes in their weather, they are prepared for the implications.

Europe gains more and more knowledge from each time they have bad weather and have realized that extreme weather is only temporary and that it doesn’t have to affect their daily living.

Europe has seen some drastic weather conditions in the past 3 years, but the their respective governments are looking at strategies to continue day to day living and minimizing the risk of accidents.

So why is it that Britain isn’t yet able to cope with the change in weather?

Britain is unable to prepare for the change in weather because in Britain the different landscapes and population make it hard to strategically prepare for any individual fall of weather, for example in Wales the areas with mountains surrounding the town/village will be more affected by the snow rather than the cold temperatures, whereas areas where there are only one or two mountains surrounding their area will be more affected by the cold temperatures turning snow fall into ice.

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