Welsh Wrestling – Pontypridd! Coverage (10th August 2018)

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As there is new life in Wicid, we are once again looking to bring more opportunities to young people in RCT aged between 11-25. Whether it’s offering training to young people to gain creative skills in fields like journalism, photography, video production and others, or looking for extra members for our editorial team to review various events. Wicid always has and will always continue to give chances for young people in the Rhondda Cynon Taf area.


This review is an example of Wicid gaining a ticket to cover a recent show at the Muni Art Centre in Pontypridd, and I was able to do camera work and write about it in return. The show in question is a live wrestling show of the Welsh based Wrestling company… Welsh Wrestling. I remember going to one of their shows when they appeared 10 minutes away from me in Penrhiwceiber (a wrestling show in the Ceiber? What a weird world we live in for that to become a reality), so I had a good idea of what to expect, and that was pure family entertainment.


Welsh Wrestling caters mostly to children and their families, a different route that a majority of the shows I have reviewed on this site before, but just because a show is truly catered to a younger audience it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to watch it. This show, much like the one at the Ceiber, brought me child like joy and was genuinely a good time.


The show was very simple with nothing overly complicated to confuse the kids or their families with the majority of the good guys winning their matches, one example of the baddies winning a match through foul play, and then the good guy who was bamboozled earlier in the show, standing tall at the end of the night to put smiles on everyone’s faces. The matches went as follows.


Titan defeated Tommy Dean

Titan was this massive machine of a man who the crowd adored, while the equally as imposing ‘Convict’ Tommy Dean yelled at the crowd, getting them to react to him with boos, ended up losing his match. This was a more heavy man’s match with nothing too stand out as it was a standard good guy Titan getting beat down a bunch before coming back stronger than ever. Even with some agile manoeuvres here and there, for a guy of his build, that was certainly impressive. He ended up hitting the spear on the Convict to get the pinfall victory.


Jay Russo & James Bronco defeated Big Dog & Magico

This is the match where the heroes took the loss as the lovable Welsh Wrestling veteran Big Dog teamed up with the returning masked marvel, Magico, to face against ‘The Model’ Jay Russo and ‘Cowboy’ James Bronco. The villainous mish-mash team of the pretty boy Russo and the Cowboy Bronco gloated to the crowd whenever they could, offering little more than some #cheating… that’s what kids call it now right? Big Dog had some playful humour in his offence and Magico was flying all over the place with some high flying/Lucha Libre mixed offence. However to the disdain of the live crowd, Jay Russo was able to get the win for his team after rolling up Magico using his tights while the ref couldn’t see.


Stevie Starr defeated The Hooligan

This was very similar to the first match, two big lads featuring the multi-time Welsh Wrestling Champion hero Stevie Starr and the villainous masked Hooligan. The Hooligan kept yelling during the match how he was NUMBER ONE in an effort to annoy the children and parents in attendance, while Starr wanted to shut him up as much as possible, even trying to take off the villain’s mask whenever he could. The Hooligan also used dirty tactics to try and beat down the fan favourite Starr, but he wasn’t able to pick up the win in the end. Starr stood triumphant as the bell sounded.


Before the intermission, the live crowd was given a choice between seeing all of the people who competed tonight in either an eight-man tag team match or an over the top rope battle royal. They went with the latter and we would get a battle royal. It was kind of funny as when the announcer called for the tag match, you could hear a pin drop. Wow, no love for eight man tags huh? Alright Ponty, I see how it is…


Magico wins the Main Event Battle Royal

The battle royal itself was very tidy, just what you’d expect. No one was thrown out until all eight men entered the match. The villain’s all teamed up together, working like true bad guys trying to eliminate all the crowds favourite wrestlers to rub it on their faces and the heroes all trying to save their buddies because that what good guys do.


The elimination order was as followed. Big Dog out first. ‘The Convict’ Tommy Dean next. Titan was out next, followed quickly by The Hooligan. Next Stevie Starr was out, leaving Magico alone against the two men he fought against earlier in the night, Jay Russo and James Bronco. The same team from earlier, tried to double team the masked hero, but he shocked them and the crowd as he first eliminated Jay Russo, and then Bronco being the last man eliminated.


Magico ended the night standing tall, with the families that made up the crowd tonight loving every minute of it. Big Dog, Stevie Starr and Titan then reappeared and celebrated with him. All the wrestlers re-appeared shortly after to have a meet and greet with the fans. It was easy to see who the crowds favourites were as the majority of the queue were leaning towards the good guys.


So there you go, that’s my take on the Welsh Wrestling show in Pontypridd on 10th August 2018. I want to thank Wicid & YEPS (Youth Engagement and Participation Service) for allowing me to cover the show and take some photos of the event. Also a HUGE thank you to the Muni Arts Centre and Dawn who allowed Wicid to cover this event. Hopefully we can cover more events in the future. And of course, a massive thanks to Welsh Wrestling and all the talent who worked this show tonight. Doing what they do day in day out entertaining fans of all ages across Wales (and some parts of England) and just putting smiles on everyone’s faces the best they can by giving them a chance to see live wrestling shows in their local towns.


I’m hoping to work with them again in the future! I know Welsh Wrestling will be returning to Penrhiwceiber in November of 2018. (Not so subtle hint). The full album of photographs from the event is available on the WICID page on Facebook!


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