Welshian Weekender

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Yn Gymraeg

The CLIC residential 9-11 September 2011

Before going on the weekender I was worried about who I would meet and what it would be like, considering it would be my first with CLIC and my first with people I didn’t know, apart from Arielle.

Debating whether or not I should stay at home or not kept entering my mind.

Being transgendered and fearing discrimination, I was very happy that the transgender horoscope for that week was true. “You will find yourself in a new home with new people and to be relaxed.”

I would like to thank everyone for accepting me for who I am and I would like to meet you all again.

Welshian hugs to all


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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    It was great to meet you, Lesley! I’m glad you came because you are lovely and really friendly! I’d like too meet you again, in the future, too! x

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