We’re BACK!!!!!

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Hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo peepsessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (spare one -> !)

Detached workers in Ferndale are BACK!

Silence had settled over the Fach due to Tracey being off for what seemed like forever (an entire and a whole FOUR WEEKS due to unforeseen circumstances outside her control) and Allyn has been supporting Beddau cluster workers with D of E walks for miles and miles and miles in the sun and rain (literally). It was not what he could describe as a walk in Darren Park, although Tracey suspects that that would have not taken so long. Allyn has been rather busy, with Going Ape in the trees (!) with On Track, to these D of E walks, challenging (and beating) Maerdy CF workers on the one hundred foot inflatable assault course not once but TWICE during a play day in Tylorstown Sports Centre one very, very wet. (slightly dampish) Saturday, which saw Tracey get absolutely drenched in the torrential downpour due to a very large inflatable goals and Allyn’s rather cramped boot space in his car. You all can do the maths and figure out what happened, but it involved lots of pushing, pulling, and almost falling over in the mud! But at least they got everything in the car….Allyn gave thanks on his knees that they both did not have to put the goals in Tracey’s Smart car…which would not have been very smart and probably would have been too big for it….perhaps it would have been easier to have tried to put the Smart car in the goals…

Anyway, the two workers are back on the streets this week, starting Tuesday 27th September at 6pm-ish. They are a week late, but this was due to Tracey having four weeks of paperwork to catch up on (she would have rathered to have been working with young people on the streets than stuck behind a desk, but we cannot have everything we want.

Activities being planned at this current moment in time for October half term include a visit to the Apple Store in Cardiff for young people to learn how to video edit, do special effects, and create music on Macs, to ice skating and watching the Cardiff Devils pulverize some other team on the ice as they are so good at winning. Anything else and come and talk to us because we do not know what you want to do unless you gossip to us.

Come and chat during drop in at Ferndale Community school break and lunch times, or stop Allyn and Tracey and have a natter or two on the streets with them to tell them what ya all wanna do den over the October half
term to stop them both getting bored….after all, Tracey has been doing lots and lots and lots of paperwork recently….

Better go now peeeeeeppppsssss because this article has taken up several pages and Tracey’s fingers are sore from typing.

See yaaaaa all sssssooooooooooon!!!!!
Bye bye, ta ta, ciao and stuff etc, etc, etc



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