What Is A Young Mum?

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A young mum? What is a young mum?

People shouldn’t put a title on it, if you’re young and having a child your baby wont call you ‘young mum’. He/she will call you mammy or mummy.

Yes, I’m a young adult but when people say to me I’m a ‘child having a child’, it hurts. I’m 19! Not 5. People like that don’t understand when your baby smiles at you in the morning or cwtches you at night it is the same feeling – as a mum – whether you’re 19 or you’re 50. It doesn’t matter! I’m still a mum with the best son in the world.

I have funny looks going down the street because I am a ‘young mum’. But this only makes me stronger. I get looks because my boy doesn’t see his dad but, guess what, that makes me and my boy stronger.

So all you ‘young mum’s’ don’t worry about what people say because you’re the best mum.

If you’re a young mum, here are some help lines and websites to show you aren’t alone. They are all confidential:

www.careconfidential.com Care Confidential

www.brook.org.uk 0800 018 5023

www.ruthinking.co.uk Sexwise 0800 28 29 30

www.fpa.org.uk Family Planning Association 0845 310 1334

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