What u gonna do then?

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I work (at the moment) with young people in the Ferndale cluster (including Penrhys, Tylorstown, Ferndale, Maerdy, Blaenllechau and occasionally Stanlytown) and I often ask or nag young people about what they’re going to do when they are older…

Well, I’m not going to post any of those responses here because that’s your job.

I will start.

What do I want to do when I’m older?

Well, I’m starting to get on in years now (physically anyway, mentally I am still ohhhhhh, at least 15 years old) and to tell the truth I don’t really know. Whatever takes my fancy after I complete my degree and get bored with youth work. (Note to self: can you get bored with youth work? Isn’t that illegal?!)

So c’mon everyone what are your career choices and your ideal and not so ideal jobs? I want to know…why? Because I’m nosey! Woohoo!!!!!

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