What Would You Give For A Hollywood Smile?

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At the recent Oscars, we viewed a multitude of actresses and actors in an array of expensive attire. No two persons were dressed the same, yet they all had one accessory in common, a dazzling, perfectly white smile.

Ever year us Brits spend around 75 million of our money on whitening products; be it toothpastes or professional dental whitening. We can thank a line of thousands of celebrities for our new found obsession with whiter teeth, but what lengths will some of us go to for a pearly smile?

We’ve all done it, using a whitening toothpaste. These tubes of grit-like consistency claim a “whiter smile” and even go as far as Oral B claiming their 3D whitening will whiten teeth in just 5 days! But is this all so safe? Dentists of the British Dental Association justify that it is most likely safe to use whitening toothpastes daily as in all honesty, they don’t particularly do a lot. They may remain some surface stains but will in no way whiten those teeth, bad luck!

Next we go onto professional whitening. Now this may put you out about 300 pounds but is it the safest way to go about this procedure? Many dentists offer in office, one hour treatments, specifically Zoom. A bright white light opens small ‘pores’ in teeth that allow them to dehydrate and whiten, however some of us would experience some pain. However, the most affordable and also the most effective teeth whitening is home kits from your dentist. After taking a mould of your teeth, at home you apply 25% Hydrogen Peroxide from you dentist which in under a week will dramatically whiten teeth! On the positive side, this is often painless with minimal post operative sensitivity.

Many celebrities venture for Veneers. Very much like a fake nail that sticks over your real one, apart from this is a fake tooth that sticks over your real one.Now comes the time to name and shame a few celebrities who have opted for this costly option. Yes, Cheryl Cole and George Clooney, you owe your success to cosmetic dentistry.

Yet it seems that a white smile doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy smile. Many dentists will agree that it isn’t the colour of you teeth that matter but the health. You may have brilliantly white teeth, yet have a mouth full of fillings.

It may seem that a wide, dazzling smile is very much the norm of celebrity life, but next time you see one donning their huge, unnatural smile on TV, just remember they owe their life to cosmetic dentistry. Be proud of your smile, it’s yours, it’s unique, it’s what makes you, you.

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