Tonyrefail YEPS After-School Club

Afterschool clubs are the perfect place for you to socialise and meet new friends as you begin your journey at Tonyrefail Community School!

We understand that moving from Primary School to Secondary School can be tough, so we’re here to help make it easier for you! Come along to the YEPS After-School Club at Tonyrefail Community School to:

  • Meet new friends and socialise with friends you already have
  • Participate in games and activities (games consoles, table tennis, arts and crafts etc)
  • Get help and advice from a member of YEPS staff

To book your place at the after-school club, click on “Add to Basket” and then “Confirm Booking”.

If you have any questions about this activity, please contact Andrew Burrows on 07887450750.

*Please note the after-school club will take place every Tuesday from November 10th – December 15th*

After School
YEPS After-School Club
Red Brick Hall 15:00

Holiday Provision

There are no Holiday provisions currently avaliable at this venue.