Wheel Chair Sport Spectacular 2013 @ Tonypandy Community College

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Young People from the Tonypandy cluster nurture group attended the Wheelchair Sports Spectacular with the 5×60 Officer, Ryan Moorse. The event took place on Saturday 18th May 2013 at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The young people had the opportunity to participate in a number of activities and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The Cycling activity brought about huge enjoyment and interest; this mainly came from the fact that many of the group had never even been on a bike themselves.

Therefore they all had the chance to go on a tandem bike with the 5×60 Officer, which was a great experience for them, if not a bit tiring for Ryan.

Following this experience one young person enjoyed it so much that they are now hoping to get a bike of their own.

Another popular activity was Rock Climbing, the young people were nervous to start but after a few goes their confidence increased and they were all able to climb right to the top of the wall!

Additionally they all enjoyed activities involving the wheelchairs and are keen to try this again, exploring the options of joining some of the local clubs in the future.

It was great to see the young people so engaged with the activities and making friends with other young people from other schools. One young person has very low confidence and does not approach or speak to people they are not familiar with, yet while at the event they were encouraged to speak to people and approached one of the deliverers to request information on a club, which was great to see!

Continuing along this theme there was a clear change in the attitudes expressed by the young people during the course of the day.

At the start of the day all the young people expressed they were “no good at sport” before even trying the activities, however after participating on the day they felt “that they were actually good!”

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Photo Credit: Gordon Marino

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