When Life Changes You

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The following creative writing piece contains violence and may not be suitable for readers younger than 16.

Once there lived a beautiful girl, she was fairly tall with long luxurious hair and she had hazel eyes which gazed politely right at you. Her name was Ruby, some say she was beyond perfect. Everyone at the village knew Ruby as she was a very warm and caring person who always explored and learned different things. Her mother, Rachel, was a slave at the King’s castle and her real father left when she was just a child. Ruby didn’t mind that her mother was poor and they had to live in a really small cottage, she was a very grateful girl who appreciated everything her mother did. Even though they were poor the beach was nearby, this is where Ruby and her friends would usually go and frolic in the sea or go to relax on the soft golden sand. Considering Ruby was such a gorgeous girl she had many friends; however most of them weren’t true. There were only two girls she could really rely on, they were Sophie and Tasha. These two girls had been Ruby’s best friends for a long time and weren’t bothered by the fact Ruby was poor.

One night Ruby was at the cottage waiting for her mother to come home from the King’s castle. Ruby knew her mother was due home any minute, when she heard shots fire just outside the door; there was a loud scream, then a huge thump on the door as though someone had just fallen on to it. Ruby dared not open the door or go and peer out of the window, so she just stood there, right where she was. Time went by extremely slowly and hours passed before she decided it was safe enough to move. Silence spread around the village at that moment; Ruby opened the door to find a cold, pale woman, with blood dripping down her face which made it hard to identify the woman. Ruby ran inside, grabbed a towel, then wiped the woman’s face, the pure red blood gushed out and didn’t stop for a while. Ruby cleaned it away then soon enough she realised it was her dear mother. Her face sunk, she began to sob and her eyes darkened and became less welcoming as she lay by her dead mother until sunrise.

As days went by, Ruby began to lose herself. She had no home to go to, no loved ones, no close relatives, nothing and no one. That’s when the last option came, the only place she could go was to her father, so the King’s maid set her on her way. Ruby hadn’t seen her father since she was two years old and at this point she was thirteen. However she gathered that he was a very unpleasant man who didn’t love her mother the way he should have. Rachel had told Ruby about the times he had beat her and abused her over the silliest of things. This was why Ruby didn’t want to go and meet him, however she had no choice.

Before she knew it she was on her way to Newcastle – where her father lived. Ruby was nervous, as you would expect, but she wasn’t scared, she had a feeling deep down that her father would never hurt her, maybe that was her mind trying to have a little faith or convince her that everything was going to be okay. She pictured him as a muscular man; who had a great deal of tattoos and piercings. She thought he would look unpleasant, speak quite deeply and intimidating, however she wasn’t really sure what to think.

When she arrived at his house in Newcastle, she was astonished by the impressive front garden which was filled with wonderful flowers. She was stunned by the grand house that was right in front of her. Ruby stood there, amazed by the breathtaking look of the house. The King’s maid took Ruby’s bags and placed them on the door step of the house then turned away, got in the taxi and left Ruby to it. As she walked up to the large door and went to knock, it opened. There was a chubby, middle aged man standing before her. He said in a deep and pressuring voice:

“You must be Ruby, come inside.”

She struggled to pick up all her bags, but soon enough she managed to hurled them through the door. Inside the house was nothing like the outside; it was unhygienic and clearly hadn’t been refurbished in a while.

When Ruby had cleaned out her filthy room, and packed away all of her things, she decided that it was time to get to know her real father. Maybe he had changed since he left, maybe he wasn’t as bad as her mother had told her. After all, he didn’t look how she had pictured him.

Ruby walked down the stairs, into the living room and sat down in the armchair right next to him. For a few moments there was silence, until Ruby found the courage to say:

“So, you’re my father?”

He mumbled under his breath:

“Yes, unfortunately.”

Once that was said he rose up out of his chair and walked right up to Ruby. He looked her in the eyes, then said:

“I’m very sorry for your loss, but it’s not my fault your mother is dead and I shouldn’t have to put up with a child I never wanted. You know, there was a reason why I left, that reason was because I didn’t want to have a child, you were a mistake, yes a very pretty one but that’s beside the point. I can’t look after you, partly because I don’t know how and the other reason is because I just don’t want to! Now, listen, this is how it’s going to be around here. You’re going to do the cooking, cleaning and all of the housework, that is your payment for living here with me and sharing what is mine. If you don’t do certain things there will be consequences! Scurry along now – there’s plenty to do!”

Ruby stood up, tears rolling down her bright red face and ran out of the living room. Now she understood what her dear mother put up with and that it was going to be a similar story for her. This wasn’t the life Ruby would have chosen to live but it was the one she would just have to put up with for a while.

Ruby’s life became less meaningful. Her gorgeous, natural face lost its beauty, her worn out body moved as though it was near death, Ruby’s hair became dull and damaged, she had cuts, bruises and scars everywhere. These were all caused by her father. She wasn’t the Ruby she used to be, her eyes had become even darker than they were after her mother died and life was becoming a constant struggle.

One morning, Ruby’s father was screaming at her:

“Why didn’t you do the washing last night before you went to bed?”

“I’m sorry, I forgot…”

He rudely interrupted:

“You forgot! Well, you know there’s consequences for your laziness. I’m guessing you went to bed because you were tired and didn’t think about the agreement we made when you moved here?” he paused for a moment, then said, “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll do the washing now.” Ruby was always polite and tried to stay respectful no matter how horrid her father could be. She got up out of bed, her father still standing and glaring at her. As Ruby walked out of the door, he followed her; pushing her and screaming.

“Come on! Hurry up!”

He kept pushing her, that’s when she saw the stairs and told him to stop. He ignored her and carried on pushing. Ruby was at the edge of the step when he gave her a huge final shove. Ruby collapsed down the stairs, tumbling down each of them, feeling every thump of every sharp step. Once she got to the bottom, her body covered with blood, she found the strength to lift her head and saw her father at the top of the staircase. He said:

“That’ll teach you.”

Ruby whimpered, stumbled to her feet and limped into the kitchen to clean the cuts. She looked for the First Aid Kit and cleaned herself up, she was used to this type of pain as her father did this punishment quite often. For a while she sat down, not worrying about the washing or her father, she just sat and thought about her mother and how different her life would have been if her mother was still alive. This is when she heard loud, heavy footsteps coming close to the kitchen. It was obviously her father; he stepped into the kitchen:

“So, have you finished the washing?”

Ruby looked at him and replied, “No, no I haven’t.”

He went on to ask, “Have you washed the dishes?”

“No,” she muttered.

“Okay, well if you do the washing, I’ll do the dishes? Sound like a plan?”

“Ok…” Ruby replied, confused by his suggestion.

Her father began to fill the sink with water, after a couple of minutes he stopped running the tap. Ruby was busy doing the washing on the other side of the kitchen when her father grabbed her hair and dragged her over to the sink. He grasped her head and pushed her under the water. Ruby kept fighting and fighting, struggling not to open her mouth. She knew if she tried to scream it would definitely be the end of her life. He finally decided to let her out for air.

“Ok, you listen to me. I’m not having any more of this laziness, if you don’t get it together and do the housework, then I’ll send you somewhere else. Got it?”

Ruby spoke up and exclaimed, “I’d rather live out on the streets than here with you!” She made a run for the front door.

Even though her father was large, he moved quickly and pulled her down on to the ground.

“You’re not going anywhere, unless I say so.”

Ruby grabbed her father’s mug off the coffee table and smashed it over his head. This didn’t knock him out, but blood dripped from his head. She kept trying to escape but the more she tried the more aggressive he became. Her father began to throw anything and everything to stop her and she just threw it all back, until he got hold of her. He had a knife this time and a lot of threats, the knife was close to Ruby’s neck. Her father was about to slit her neck when she broke a hand free, she took the knife out of his hand. She had two options but without thinking, Ruby stabbed him. She pushed the shiny sharp knife into his chest; the blood pumped out and as her father took his last breath, she said:

“I’m sorry, dad!”

His eyes glanced at her before they closed. He was dead.

Ruby covered up the body, cleaned the house and kept herself busy, until there wasn’t much else to do. Her life had been wasted. She had lived with her father for a few years by now and never went to school in all the time she had been with him. She began to believe her father’s aggression and ways were in her, maybe she’ll become tormenting and frightening.

Ruby found it hard to wake up every day after she killed her father, guilt haunted her and the walls of the house haunted her too. She started to believe life wasn’t worth living anymore, her dear mother was dead and so was her horrid father.

A week after she killed her father she decided to get the rope, grab the chair but did she let go?

** Editor’s Note: If you have been affected by anything in this creative writing piece, you can contact Meic on 080880 23456 or visit meiccymru.org or you can contact ChildLine on 0800 1111 or visit childline.org.uk **

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