When Will It End? The Fires In The Valleys

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We live in the most beautiful place in the world, the lush green mountains that stare at us everyday. That familiar scene is slowly shrinking. Our mountains are being burnt to a crisp, what is left is a dark, black hill that sits on top of a vibrant valley.

There have been over 1000 deliberate grass fires across Wales, but the most severe have been in the South Wales Valleys.

Earlier this year, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service dealt with over 400 fires within 12 hours.

The fire service have pleaded with the culprits to stop as the fire service continues to warn of the danger of them not being able to respond to a serious emergency as they are up on the mountains fighting deliberate fires.

With limited resources due to recent public services cuts by the Government, the fire service can’t afford to be dealing with these fires.

So what is being done?
* The Welsh Government held a conference earlier in the year discussing how to prevent deliberate fires.
* More education will be the main factor, to try and prevent arson.

One person told WalesOnline: 
‘I look at the blackened hillside with utter despair.’

It makes me sick to see such beautiful green mountains turn into a dark, black patch.

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