Where in the world have you been?

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‘Where in the world have you been?’

Glynhafod year 5 pupils meet Esme, a new resident at Cwrt Alun Lewis.
Small groups of children visit Cwrt Alun Lewis every fortnight to talk to residents and get help with their history, geography and PSE work. ‘Cwmaman Past and Present’ is an intergenerational project that has been running for 4 years.
Here they are exchanging stories and experiences of travel and holidays. Although some youngsters have been to Disneyland Florida or France, that was nothing compared to Esme, who went to Mexico over 30 years ago with a group of friends.
Esme flew for 23 hours via London, Germany, Moscow and Cuba before touching down in Mexico. There they hired a red double decker London bus shades of Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday and traveled around the country, being meeting curious and friendly people.
Where is the most exotic place your gran or granddad has been? Why not ask them? You may get a real surprise!
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Blaengwawr Cluster 20 May 2010


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