Why not get involved and create some of your own classic radio shows.

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Why not get involved and create some radio shows of your own?

Do you actually know what radio shows are about and what you even got to do? Probably not, but don’t panic because this is exactly what I’m here for.
Think about what you actually do from day to day while being in these weird times, think about what your routine actually consists of because I can guarantee you probably don’t even have much of a daily routine. Whilst I’m writing this up I can just imagine what most of you are doing right now… you are most probably just casually scrolling through social media or playing on your PlayStations or Xbox
because this pandemic has stopped us doing what we would usually be doing. Well if that is the case why not change that and consider adding something new into your day by getting involved in radio shows.

Getting involved in doing your own radio shows can actually sound really scary and frightening but its honestly not that bad. You may think no, because you may not like the sound of your own voice or you may just not have the confidence to even want to get involved. It’s a really great opportunity to have.
I can honestly say that if you were to get involved you would never regret it in fact you would love it. It’s so much fun and it can actually be a great laugh. You will gain experiences you never thought you would have and you may even surprise yourself by getting involved.

When I first got asked to get involved in the radio shows I was in youth club and the one and only legend Martin Dibble asked me if I would record a little bit of a script for him and I just looked at him and give the response “you got no chance”. I laughed at him and just couldn’t imagine my voice being on the radio but after him asking me over and over he convinced me and I thought you know what why not give it a try and that’s exactly what I did. I was scared, nervous and worried because I hated the sound of my own voice and I was worried it wouldn’t be good enough for the radio but I didn’t stop myself.

All It took was a few words of encouragement from Martin, and telling me it was just for fun and nobody would judge me for it.  Next thing you know my voice hits the radio and to be honest I thought it was cringe at first but then I become the voice over for the Nu Breed show.

I’ve spent a year doing shows on Cardiff Radio and I have also been doing my shows now for a year on Rhondda Radio and I’m still going 2 years later. I shocked myself though considering how in the beginning I didn’t want to know. It may take a lot of courage but you will eventually build up your confidence and then there will be no stopping you and that’s a fact.

One more thing I’m going to mention about myself and my shows is back a few weeks ago I done a show and it was called ‘Bring on the feel good’. I done it, then I sent it over to Martin and I didn’t think nothing of it until that Saturday the show come on and I listened to it myself, I didn’t realise how touching it really was I just saw it as a normal show in the beginning but listening to how I linked my own personal issues to it really had me in my feels. I had goose bumps all over my body and I even bought a tear to my own eye and I didn’t think I could ever do that but it happened. Out of all my shows I have done so far I think that one show is one that means the most to me at the moment. Getting the feedback I did, also got me in my feels if I’m honest. Its important that you can link your shows to something so important as I realised because that show will then always stick with you.

If you are thinking about getting involved or even if you do just want to know what its about all you have to do is mention it to your youth worker tell them you want to get involved and then they can get your details sent straight over to Hannah or Martin and your landed. At the moment the sessions are via Zoom so the code will be passed over.

Like I said even if you’re thinking about it or want to see what it’s about come along and join in on our Zoom sessions and have a listen to my shows or other young peoples shows and you will then have an idea what they will sound like. If you decide you want to give it a try all you need to do is make a simple list of 5 or 6 songs you want to use, then you create a script so you know what you’re going to say for each song and then you get it recorded and sent over to Martin. Honestly may not seem like a lot but it kinda is but when you get used to it then its super straight forward, but in the mean time don’t panic come along have a chat with Martin and he can help you with each step. You could even come to me and if I can help I will. There is never no rush for a show its all in your own time, you do things at your pace. If you want to make a good show though I’ll be happy to help with some tips , all you need to do is just let yourself go, let your personality pop, make it clear its your show and if you do these things you’re sorted, because that’s how you will engage the listeners and make them want to keep listening. We do things as a team and we help each other at all times so all we want is to welcome some new friendly faces to get involved.

Just think of the experience guys , think about doing something new for yourself and just have fun. I never thought in a million years I would be on the radio but now look at me, this could be you. Come on guys get involved and come show us what you got to give because I’m sure no matter who you are you will smash it just like the rest of us. You can do this! And don’t think you can’t because I can tell you one thing now there is no such thing as can’t all you got to do is put your mind to it and focus. If you’re struggling with mental health during these difficult times then it is by far the best distraction when you want to keep your mind away from what is going on. Radio shows have helped me so much, I wake up and don’t want to do them half the time but I still push myself to do a show but the question is why? The answer is because when I’m feeling crappy and my minds doing over time doing a radio show takes my mind away from things and I feel so much better afterwards for doing it despite how much effort it may seem to even get started.

All we ask is for you to come have a look and see what you think. We are all human we don’t have to do anything but its all just for fun.

I have actually gained so many different skills just from doing radio shows and when I say skills I mean things such as learning how to use recording software, script writing  and show production skills. I have even improved my confidence massively and improved my communication skills probably even gained more skills than I could think of. This could be you gaining skills like these which I think are actually amazing skills to have.

Oh and before I finish why don’t you all come give me a listen on Rhondda radio my shows go out at 11am on a Saturday morning on Rhondda Radio, there is me and a few other amazing and talented young people that have shows out. All of our Nu breed shows go out every Saturday morning from 10 am until midday. So we would all appreciate it very much if you could tune in and give us all a listen, feedback would also be grateful. To find out who’s got shows going out on each Saturday morning all you have to do is go follow the_nubreed_shows on Instagram and you will find out.

If you give this a read then thank you so much and we hope to see some new people soon 😊


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