Why So Serious? The Joker & Batman Three

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With the success of The Dark Knight, and most notably the unnerving performance of the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, the questions on every comic book lover’s lips are: when is Batman 3 coming out, will the Joker be back and can it top The Dark Knight?

Well, in answer to the first question, Christopher Nolan and his comic book team (now responsible for aiding the Man Of Steel Superman revamp) are working on a script already and an estimated release date is 2012.

With the second question there are up and down sides. The first point is that the Joker is the main villain in the Batman series, he is recognised as Batman’s ultimate rival and so not having him in the film would not make sense.

After all his tricks and escapes in The Dark Knight, are we to accept he disappeared? No, the Joker would never give up. Another point is the Batman franchise is no stranger to replacing the acting cast as Rachel Dawes, Wayne’s love interest was recast for the Dark Knight.

The Down sides are: could anyone else play the Joker? A new take on him is fine but it will always be compared to Ledger’s. Another point is, we saw the best of the Joker, unless the writers have a brilliant fresh script.

It’s going to be the Dark Knight all over again, that story has been told, and successfully according to box office records so why not try it again?

Well Christopher Nolan confirmed that the Joker will not be returning as the Villain in the next film, presumably due to the relationship he had with Heath Ledger but that doe not mean he will not return. Perhaps a tribute could be played to the joker by Batman seeing him in jail and hearing his laugh? Tie-ing up the Dark Knight nicely and also paying respect to Heath using clips from his performance to make the clip.

My personal feeling is to take the Third film into a slightly different angle, the aftermath, Batman struggling to re-build his reputation , something treating that and something there to destroy the weakened Gotham city making the movies a trilogy and ending them for good.

Scroll down to read my idea, and remember it’s just my idea, unless Mr Nolan reads Wicid it’s never likely to come true and many people may disagree with it.

New villain: The Penguin Played by Patrick Stewart. (I’d like to see him appose his comic book portrayal as professor X by being seen as a villain, and his talent will add to the already amazing cast he’s an actor you can’t help but pay attention to)

He’s going to either be the new mayor or something to do with the mayor.

So the film is going to start with everyone hating Batman and trying to sort out the mess that Joker caused, rebuild Gotham if you like.
Either Batman starts to get his reputation back and the Penguin shows up or the Penguin uses what’s happened to tarnish Batman’s name more and make people turn against him, using the batman as an escape goat for his plans and a way to get people to trust him.

His plan is different however to the Joker – he wants to give Gotham order, but he will control it. Think of him as power mad
He has the mob working for him – he’s replaced Marone and his plan uses weapons and like gadgets, he’s not much of a fighter, he has a hidden weapon in his cane.

Meanwhile the Joker who you don’t see has been moved to Arkham, the plan of the Penguin may be to open Arkham and then blame batman – who knows

Partway through the film something happens and a joker card is found, and the Joker is out and about and causing chaos and fear, people are scared he has returned “everyone losses their minds!”

A guy who survives tells of a clown in a purple suit with scars.

As a result, our protagonist goes to Arkham, and looks into a cell door (the slot bit) and sees the Jokers eyes, he slams it shut as the Jokers voice says why so serious – and then he hears the jokers laugh echoing through the building – its all clips from Ledger’s performance.

Batman then has to discover how the Joker is doing this and stopping the penguin.

He discovers he is not the joker but a joker copycat, he wears slightly different clothes but very similar (in the comic the Joker has a disciple who acts like him and that’s this guy) they have a face off and basically tons of battling happens him and batman, batman the mob, batman the Penguin.

We get flashbacks then from the pretend Joker when hes telling Batman – he is psychotic, he was a Arkham patient in the cell next to the Joker, the Joker got into his head and made him believe he was the Joker. He then pretended to be sane to get released and when he was took a blade to his mouth and face painted himself up as the joker (he needs to be an actor as good and as crazy as the Joker)

And it turns out its him that is trying to free people from Arkham not the penguin and he is trying to free just one person


More battles and struggles occur. Batman ever the hero, tries to stop it all but he fails and the joker gets released who then kills the pretend Joker – we don’t really see this, at the end of the film we see the Batman, probably surrounded by officer Gordon, Fox and a few other people with the shadow of the Joker, his outline and purple coat, in the distance. He can then say something taken from Ledger’s deleted lines in the Dark Knight and we hear him laugh.

And then he disappears and we know that he will be back. Then Batman can give a monologue about how everyone has a dark side (meaning the Joker as the dark side to the batman) and that the dark side can never be gone, to destroy it he would have to become the dark side, so he will fight it him and the joker for ever. Of course this speach will need a lot of work, and a lot of polishing.

At the end of the film you are left knowing.  That’s what will happen and that is the latest and last batman film.

That’s it.
Hope my suggestion was liked


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