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Wicid.tv 2011 has been quite a year! We’ve been working hard and our baby is growing ever closer to its 2nd birthday – hopefully, we will organise a birthday celebration, following the 1st birthday present of “The Group.” First of all, though, is the GTFM Wicid Special.

To mark our one-year-anniversary on the station, my co-presenter and I have been offered a 2 hour special segment on GTFM 107.9.

So, we need the help of all Wicid.tv members to tell us what this year has been to us. Maybe it was an event, a workshop, an interview, we need everything that you have all been involved in.

Comment below with your contribution, with the name of your article or a link to whatever it is, we just might be able to include it!

Also, do you have an idea coming up next year? Comment below and maybe you could join us as a guest for an interview.

10 sleeps Wicidites!

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    ?Meeting you guys- amazing friends
    ?Mr Gino D’acampo
    ?Big Welsh Bite http://www.wicid.tv/en/news/big-welsh-bite-2011/05774.html
    ?Ponty’s Big Weekend
    ?Accreditations http://www.wicid.tv/en/news/training-with-clic/05710.html
    ?Residentials http://www.wicid.tv/en/news/first-wicid-residential/04539.html
    ?Every little moment

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