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We have some exciting news as Wicid.tv has hit theairwaves. Yes, we now have 3 Wicid Community Radio Shows led by our WicidEditorial Teams. One in the Rhondda valley, one in the Cynon Valley, and one inthe Taff Valley. Each show has something very different to offer.

The first show set up by dedicated Editorial Teammembers Martyn David and Hannah Griffiths is on GTFM107.9fm, Martyn and Hannah talk about all things Wicid, discussing greatarticles on Wicid.tv and encouraging listeners to sign up and write articles,and they also play some great tunes. The show is broadcast monthly on aSaturday morning at 11am and has had some excellent feedback, they’ve done sowell that GTFM have upped their air time.

Every Wednesday from four until six you can catchWicid on www.dapperfm.co.uk, with WicidEditorial Team members Ricky and Bethan on the Wicid Wire-In Show! Who will besure to keep you up to date with local talent in the valleys, as well asintroducing you to some new songs from the Indie music scene. After their firstlive show, Ricky and Bethan were blown away with the amount of listeners thatgot involved in their show by emailing and calling the studio, theirs is the mostlistened to show on dapper fm at the moment.

TheRhondda Radio (87.8fm) show, ‘The Wicid Weekender’ is run by Matthew, David andCallum. They are very passionate about Sports and if you like Sports tune in astheirs is more of a Sports show, but they do also like to talk about topicalevents, reality TV and of course promoting Wicid.tv and all the great contenton there. Their show time is 4-5pm every Friday (The WICID Weekender).

TheEditorial Teams along with all the young people across RCT are writing somegreat articles, so check them out here on Wicid.tv

Tune intothese great radio shows and leave your comments here.

2 thoughts on “Wicid Hits the Airwaves”

  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    I think Callum, David & Matthews show is great! Although I didn’t like Callum commenting about things I said to him on Facebook at the time live on air! Such as me going on about “Wicid is Epic!” haha.

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    Callum, David & Matthew should have their own TV show if I do say so myself. They are really comical and you should see them in school. They are clowns! But they do have good hearts 🙂

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