My boyfriend wants me to send ‘sexy’ pictures

Wicid Nan,

I have been with my boyfriend now for 6 months and I really love him.  The only thing is when we are on snapchat he asks me to send ‘sexy’ pictures for just him to see. I don’t really feel comfortable, he sent me one before so now he says I should send him one, but I didn’t like it.  Apparently it’s what everyone else is doing.  What should I do?


Well hello there deary

Thank you for getting in touch, it is great to hear from you.  It sounds like this situation is really playing on your mind, so I am glad that you are letting me have my ten pence worth.

Let me just say, I am really glad you have met someone that you feel happy with, but it really isn’t great that he is putting pressure on you to send these photos.  First of all, did you know it is illegal? Even though you are over 16 so legally able to have sex, being under the age of 18 means it is illegal for you to send indecent images of yourself.  This is because in the eyes of the law it classes as distributing child pornography. I know right? Scary, so that is one big reason not to.  I know snap chat is fun (come on even I love the dog filter) but whether you send pics via text or snapchat believe it or not that photo is forever.  Are you ready to take that risk? Maybe down the line, you won’t feel the same about this boyfriend and maybe when you’re older you will meet someone else.  Would you be comfortable for your ex to still have a private photo like that of you? Wow I am so glad we didn’t have phones let alone snapchat in my dating days.

If you want to learn more check out the Think You Know website, they have a lot of great advice.

Wow I am feeling like I have given a bit of a Nan lecture.  If you want to talk this through some more did you know we have extended provisions happening in the evenings across RCT that have youth workers there that you can talk to. Check out our What’s On page to find your nearest one.  They would love to see you.

Look after yourself deary

Wicid Nan 🙂

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  1. Jazmin Williams says:

    Great advice, Nan! I have a friend who has a similar problem, so I’m sure she’d love to read your response here 🙂 x