I’m worried about my friend’s sexual health

Wicid Nan,

My friend thats 14 met this 15 year old boy today and she came back and told me she did stuff with him. I asked her what and she told me. I asked her did she use protection and she said no and im getting really worried about her and her health and i dont know what to do. What should i do?


Hello Dear,

Thank you very much for getting in touch.  It sounds like you are really worried about your friend.

You are of course right to be worried about her health, as I am for the both of them.  Sexual health is something that everyone should take seriously, therefore I would encourage you to advise your friend to seek advice on this.  There are numerous young people’s sexual health clinics all across RCT that your friend can go to for advice and support around contraception and keeping herself safe.  If you want information on your local sexual health clinic please follow this link……. http://www.cwmtafuhb.wales.nhs.uk/contraception-and-sexual-health-services

I am unsure if you are aware but within the UK it is illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to be having sex.  I would encourage you to make your friend aware of this, as with both of them being under the age of 16 they would both be breaking the law, and this will be something for her to consider.

If your friend doesn’t feel comfortable attending a clinic, the YEP Service run numerous drop in sessions within the school day and also after school where she could go and speak with someone and get advice.  Also after school and within extended provision, YEPS link with Cwm Taf sexual health nurses to provide information advice and guidance around this topic.  Check out our ‘What’s On’ page to find your nearest provision.  If you cannot find the information you need feel free to get in touch with YEPS on facebook at /YEPSRCT or twitter @YEPSRCT.

Thank you for being brave and coming to me for this advice.

Take care,
The Wicid Nan J