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I am being bullied in school and I want help on how I should deal with it. Can you please help?



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Bullying is when someone repeatedly does something that they know hurts someone else emotionally or physically. If you’re being bullied and can’t see a way out of it, try to remember that it can and should stop. Bullying is never right. Your school and local government have a legal duty to stop it from happening. However, there are also things you can do yourself to help stop it. Here are some suggestions…


1…Tell someone you trust what’s going on!

Being bullied can make you feel really horrible and you could probably do with someone else’s support. Reach out and talk to someone that you trust about what’s been happening. This could be a parent, an older brother or sister, a favourite teacher or your best mate. They will hopefully be able to give you the emotional support that you may need. It may also help you put things into perspective. The person that you talk to might also see a risk that you don’t. Perhaps they can suggest a way you can deal with what’s going on.  A problem shared is a problem halved.

Every secondary school in Rhondda Cynon Taf will have it’s very own Youth Engagement Officer (YEPS worker) that can offer advice and guidance, their office door will always be open for 1 to 1 support should you want it. If you are unsure who this is please visit https://www.wicid.tv/whats-on/ and find your school. All contact information will found on top of the page. If you’re still unsure please feel free to contact the YEPS team on 01443 281436 or yeps@rctcbc.gov.uk.


2…Talk to the bullies!

As hard as it might be for you to believe when they’re making your life so miserable, the bullies are human too. If it’s safe and you feel confident enough, then try talking to them. They might not realise the impact that their words or actions are having on you. Tell them how they’re making you feel. Ask them to imagine how they would feel if they were in your shoes. Sometimes these things just need to be pointed out to someone who is bullying for them to stop. If more than one person is bullying you, then try to have this conversation with them one by one. Doing this might give you more of a chance to say what you want to say, without being intimidated by a big group of people. It might however be best to skip this step if the bullying is physical though and you can’t approach them without fear of being physically hurt. Don’t put yourself in danger!!


3…Look after yourself!

Bullying can have a physical and emotional impact on someone so it’s really important to look after yourself at any stage of the process. Bullying UK has lots of tips to keep yourself mentally healthy and also suggestions of where you can get extra support if you need it. Check out the link below…



4…Make an appointment to talk to the school!

If things haven’t improved after you’ve spoken to the bully, or if you don’t think that’s an option then it might be time to take official action. Talk to a trusted adult- for most young people this will be a parent or guardian. Ask them to arrange an appointment with your teacher or head of year to see what can be done to support you. Every school has to have an anti-bullying policy. It might be on their website or you can ask to see it as you have a right to. The policy will explain the steps that the school should take to support someone who’s being bullied and put a stop to it. At this stage the school should put things in place to help. It’s important to talk to a supportive adult about what’s been happening each day going forward. This will let you get things off your chest, and also give them a chance to record all incidents to further support your cause at school if things don’t get better.


5…Follow it up!

If the bullying continues and the school isn’t doing enough to stop it, or the things they’ve done aren’t working, your parents/guardians should go back in to school for another meeting. They can then consider further steps to get the problem resolved. There is an official process that your parents/guardians can follow. This will start with writing a letter to the Headteacher and can progress from the Headteacher to the School Governors to the Local Education Authority , Estyn (they are the organisation responsible for all schools) and even to the National Assembly of Wales. Hopefully of course the situation will be resolved before then and you’ll be feeling safe and happy again but if not the below link will take you to Bullying UK which can give you and your parents advice about what to write in the letters to the different people and organisations


It’s important that you remember through all of this, however many people you have to ask for help, that you are not a time waster or troublemaker. You have the right to be safe and happy and deserve nothing less.

If you would like any more support with this issue, then the Meic helpline is available from 8am until Midnight 365 days a year. They can give you information and advice and also advocate on your behalf (for example contacting your school on your behalf) and can be contacted by phone on 08088023456, text on 84001 and by IM through their website at www.meiccymru.org.


This link takes you to Meic’s website where there are videos and articles that might also help:



I hope things improve for you,

Take Care

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