Why don’t I have bigger muscles?

Hi there,

It is really hard to explain. My friends are all getting bulkier and looking buff. I feel like I work so much harder than them but I am not getting any bigger. I am 15 years old but I still have wimpy arms with no muscles. I don’t want to be someone who uses steroids but I hate the way I look.

Wicid Nan what can I do to get bigger and fit in with all my friends?


Well hello there deary,

Can I just say how brave you are to talk to me? You seem like a really sensible chap and I hope you stay this way. I am so glad that you realise that using steroids are not a good idea. Even though they help you with your mission to get bigger they have lots of consequences for you both physically and mentally. If you want to find out more about these consequences check out this website: http://drugabuse.com/library/the-effects-of-steroid-use/

However the biggest issue here is the way you feel about yourself. Male or female, young or old we are all different, different in personality and different in physical features. The majority of us though dislike something about ourselves. It can be frustrating when the other boys have more muscles, and are bulkier without even trying, I know that. There a lot of pressures for young men to have a certain body type. There are however healthy ways to get a stronger fitter body. This can be done through physical exercise and healthy clean eating. Why not attend one of our RCT Leisure Centres where you can get advice from a trained gym instructor.

However my deary can I be clear, the most important thing is to learn to like yourself.

Did you know that in your school there is a YEPS member of staff who you can talk to in more depth about some of this stuff? If you don’t know who that is message the YEPS facebook page www.facebook.com/YEPSRCT and they will let you know how to speak to them.

Look after yourself deary.

Wicid Nan 🙂