Wicid.tv Launch!

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After weeks of preparation and excitement it was finally here! But as soon as it was here, it was gone. Bit like Christmas really!

All in all, it was a fun day out. (Or a wicid day out as Cat, Rhiannon and Hannah kept saying!) We spent the morning interviewing people, taking pictures, signing people up to the site and generally chatting with the people that were at the event having all the feedback from kids and adults right across the radar just shows how brilliant and useful this place will be when we get going! If you signed up and haven’t been back yet, we know who you are. So watch out, we have eyes everywhere!

The launch of WICID.tv was a part of the event “It’s all about YOUth”at the University of Glamorgan letting us young people know what’s available from events to support with stalls from the Police, Youth Workers, drugs misuse and oh yea, Guitar Hero! (Just a small message to whoever won that competition, WELL DONE we better have a review of the gig after you’ve been!)

As a part of your Editorial Team I had the chance to record some of the footage that’ll be featuring on a WICID.tv near you soon! We didn’t have any old hand-held camera, I had the full thing! A big camera, a fluffy mic and a set of headphones! STOKED.

I was able to record the Council Meeting where teenagers from local schools (Bryn Celynnog, Y Pant and Hawthorn) were able to put questions to the Council about recent decisions from career advice to the proposed 6th Form Colleges all a part of the survey held that sprouted the roots for WICID. This means change for us young people in the area!

Well, that’s it for me! I’m sure the rest of the Team will post their accounts of the day with how they felt it went and the fun that they had during the day!

Hope you enjoyed the event and you continue to enjoy WICID. Any suggestions, send them in!



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