Williams’ Brilliant Weekend Ends Up In Horror At Spain

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  • Qualifying

The Spanish Grand Prix comes along and after three practice-sessions came and went there were no clear leaders.
All drivers were struggling with the front and rear grips, and trying to find some way of restoring the grips on their tyres by qualifying and then heading to the pit to get their wheels checked, altered and sorted out.

Qualifying then came and Lewis Hamilton put his surprisingly quick car in pole position with Pastor Maldonado in second.
Qualifying then finished and Lewis Hamilton had a devastating decision made against him. He had had to stop on the track as he was running out of fuel. The stewards made the decision to DQF (disqualify) Lewis Hamilton from qualifying on the grounds of not providing a sufficient amount of fuel. Hamilton was then starting from last, with Pastor Maldonado starting from first position. 


  • Race Day

The lights are all out and the race is underway. The Williams containing Pastor Maldonado quickly rushed to cover Fernando Alonso. Fernando was too fast for the eager Maldonado and passed him with ease at the first corner.

Once again the pit stops played a magnificent part in the race – putting Pastor back into the lead. Meanwhile, team-mate Bruno Senna had been unluckily taken out by a Mercedes and after trying to return to the pits, gave up, and stopped on the track. Pastor Maldonado maintained his luck; going on to win the Spanish Grand Prix.
As the celebrations at the Williams garage started, something went badly wrong, though!

As the party was going on the K.E.R.S batteries were left unattended and started a small fire which resulted in a full-on garage fire mixing with fuel.
As the fire progressed the Williams boss Sir Frank Williams was wheeled out into the paddock as all the teams brought fire extinguishers to put out the humongous fire which was now covering the whole pit lane in thick black smoke. When the fire was eventually put out the damage was then clear. All teams will still be showing support for the Williams team. Several men were hospitalised and most are now out and well. However, one still remains in hospital because of smoke inhalation and burns.

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