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Behind every great hit song is an even greater songwriter; from One Direction songs to hits by Fifth Harmony. How would you like to be among the greats?

On 9th June there was a brand new literary competition for young adults launched called ‘Literacy For Lyrics‘, created by Danny O’Donoghue and Mark Sheehan of The Script, YA author Jamie Scallion and the National Literacy Trust.Danny and Mark are consultants on Jamie Scallion’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diaries, which is a YA series set in the music business where four best friends from school form a band which blows the minds of the world. Every book from the series is accompanied with its own soundtrack written by The Script and Jamie (listen here, they’re amazing).

But what’s the competition about?! Patience, young grasshopper, we’re getting there.Literacy For Lyrics is looking for talented teens who can pen a great track. Book and music lovers of a young age will be asked to complete a track written and produced by Danny, Mark and Jamie. The first half of the song will be pre-written; your job is to complete this track by writing the last verse.

The team has unveiled the song you need to work on, which will accompany the release of the third book in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Diaries series. The completed song will then be featured on the EP for the fourth book, due to be published later this year.How amazing is that?! Wait til you hear what the prize is.

The winner gets to record the track at the legendary Dean St studios and get a guided tour of the music business. They will also be credited on the song and benefit from any future earnings. SWEET.

If you’re aged 14-18 and want to kickstart a possible music career, click here. You wouldn’t want to miss this!Tweet @maximumpop if you become the winner and remember us when you’re famous, yeah? 

*Editor’s Note: Thanks to Jazmin Williams of Maximum Pop for the words*

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