The Woman in Black @ New Theatre, Cardiff

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A lot of shows that come to the New Theatre are there to make us laugh, trust me when I say, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Stephen Mallatratt’s ingenious stage adaptation of Susan Hill’s critically acclaimed gothic novel remains one of the most talked about theatre experiences around, embracing its minimalistic stage, intense atmosphere, and extreme moments of horror.

The Woman in Black cleverly follows the documented story of Arthur Kipps (Stephen Acton) who has enlisted the help of an actor (Matthew Spencer) in the hope of the successful reading of his manuscript portraying his terrifying younger days as a Junior solicitor on his ghostly travels to the small market town of Crythin Gifford to handle the estate of the late Mrs Alice Drablow, the owner of the bleak and desolated Eel Marsh House, haunted by the Woman in Black.

The dressing of the set and lighting immediately set the mood for the ghostly play, with dim lighting and a minimalistic set, used to trigger the imagination of all who dare to watch it. The performance gives a false sense of security as what you watch is only the rehearsal for the final performance, however, you’re immediately entranced by the way both actors, quickly change characters to portray the ghostly truths of Eel Marsh House and the terrifying Woman in Black.

Robin Herford’s production is extremely entertaining relying intensely on its skilful lighting, set and actors to create such a moving piece of theatre that keeps you on the edge of your seat constantly.

This show is a success however, I’d advise you to be prepared for the fright of your life. Yes, the Woman in Black is there and yes, you will meet her, unwillingly.

The Woman in Black runs at Cardiff’s New Theatre until Saturday, June 10th. Tickets can be purchased for the remaining performances here:’s-on/the-woman-in-black/


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