Wonderfully Wicked!

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Yn Gymraeg

Pupils from Ferndale Community School went to the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London to see ‘Wicked’. We all set our alarms for the painfully early time of 7 o clock for an 8am start. After a long bus journey we arrived in London at 2:30pm with just enough time to eat and shop. We ate in a food court that had McDonalds, KFC and Subway! The only disappointing part of the trip was that you had to pay to use the public toilets!

A pupil commented “The show was brilliant with some funny actors and actresses. The E3 staff were superb! It’s a brilliant show and I hope to see it again.” Lisa Mitchell, E3 Coordinator said “The pupils of Ferndale Community School were brilliant and represented the school really well whilst they were in London.” “It was one long journey but one GREAT day” said another pupil.

It was a brilliant show and a great theatre we visited. The pupils who took part behaved all the way through it, on the bus, in the theatre, in the services and in the food court. We did have some trouble finding our way through London to the food court but finding the theatre was the easy part and of course watching the fantastic show. We left London at about 5pm and came back to the Rhondda at around 9:30pm. On the way back most of the pupils were sleeping but the day went very quickly!


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