World At Play – Help Disadvantaged Children This Autumn

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Have you ever thought about traveling the world, visiting countries that you’d only be able to see otherwise on YouTube/documentaries/films?

If you have, then you can move onto the next part without passing go and without collecting £200. If you haven’t thought about any of that then you can carry on reading this article but it won’t be relevant to you that much.

Have you ever thought about traveling the world, helping disadvantaged children at the same time? If you have then this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

World at Play is a sport-for-development charity that runs annual overland expeditions to the Balkans to increase sport and play opportunities for children who face disadvantage and adults with disabilities.

The next trip is happening in Autumn and we are looking for volunteer instructors and leaders to work with our partners to deliver sport and play sessions with communities in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Romania for the period 23rd September to 24th November.

In addition to forming life-long friendships with each other, you can can expect to develop your leadership skills, get hands-on experience in international / sport-for-development work and get to know these countries beyond the tourist trail.

Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old to take part and don’t need specific sports / play coaching experience. We are looking for participants who are enthusiastic self-starters, flexible to working and living in a variety of situations and committed to fundraising £1,500 to cover the food / travel / accommodation costs of this 9 week trip.

For more information, you can view the 2012 Expedition Info Package online at, visit our website at or contact Sion Lanini on

It sounds like a real good opportunity and, let’s face it, if you tried really hard £1,500 isn’t that much money to raise.

Word of advice: if you’re thinking of going but there’s a nagging little piece of annoying doubt knocking at your brain, ignore it. Chances like this are rare so take it and e-mail Sion NOW!


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