World Tobacco Day – Stop Smoking Now!

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May 31st 2017 is World Tobacco Day. This global event highlights the risks associated with smoking and promotes the support available when giving up.

The scary truth about your health as a smoker..
Half of ALL long-term smokers will die early from a smoking-related disease including heart disease, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer. By quitting, every year you decrease the risk of developing serious illnesses.

Let’s talk lungs
Lung Cancer is one of the most common cancers, diagnosed in around 44,500 people a year. Roughly 85% of these cases are caused by smoking.

Cost Calculator

Average amount of                Amount you could save per

cigarettes smoked                 Week          Month        Year

per day

5 Cigarettes                              £15.47        £67.22         £806.65

10 Cigarettes                            £30.94        £134.44       £1613.30

15 Cigarettes                            £46.34        £201.36       £2416.30

20 Cigarettes                            £61.81        £268.58       £3222.95

25 Cigarettes                            £77.28        £335.80      £4029.60


It Costs A Lot!
On average smokers save £3,000 a year! To calculate your savings go to the COST CALCULATOR on:


Why Quit (right now!)?
Benefits of quitting will happen after just 20 MINUTES!

  • After 20 minutes Pulse rate returns to normal

  • After 8 hours Carbon monoxide and nicotine levels in the body reduce by more than

  • half and oxygen levels become normal

  • After 48 hours No nicotine is left in the body, ability to taste and smell improves, carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body and lungs start to clear mucus

  • and other smoking debris.

  • After 72 hours Breathing becomes easier and energy levels increase

  • After 2-12 weeks Improved circulation

  • After 3-9 months Lung function increases by up to 10%

  • After 1 year Risk of heart disease is halved

  • After 10 years Risk of lung cancer falls to half of a smoker

  • After 15 years Risk of a heart attack falls to the same as a non smoker.

Are you under 25 years old?
Why not visit The Filter – it’s a website designed for young people which offers information and advice about smoking and signposting to services that help you to quit.

Further Information
The NHS Smokefree service can also give you more information and contains a directory of local services


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