World War 2 Awards Ceremony Review

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Recently Ihave been to the 25th annual Welsh Heritage Awards ceremony inCardiff and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was asked to go because I was a partof the Media Arts group in Tonyrefail that wrote the stories and poems aboutthe World War 2 era that were exhibited in the exhibition that won the award.Although, the collection wasn’t just writing – it was outstanding pieces ofartwork as well and that was all thanks to the wonderful art group thatconcentrated the whole term on completing their pieces and making the wholeexhibition look the best it possibly could. To represent all of the pupils thatworked so hard on the project were both me and an art pupil, also named Megan.

When we got to the venue we sat in ourseats and as we waited for the ceremony to start, the room began to fill up andmore and more free seats began to disappear. As the lights started to dim thewhole atmosphere changed and everything went quiet. First of all the ceremonystarted with a few speeches in both Welsh and English saying thanks to everyonefor coming and introducing the audience on what and how the service was goingto pan out.

After about three different speechesthey began giving out the awards; these were separated into different groups. Forinstance, to make the groups smaller, awards for primary and secondary schoolswere in different categories. There were so many schools there beingcommemorated for the amazing amount of talent their students withhold and itwas so nice to see them get the recognition they deserve.

When it came to our turn to stand upeveryone began clapping and it made me feel so proud of what me and my fellowpupils achieved, not only did we get recognition but we earned £250 for ourschool. So all in all it was a wonderful day I got to meet schools I’d nevereven heard of before and the work my classmates had put in through the whole yeargot the credit it deserved!

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