Wrestling Review: Attack! Pro Wrestling Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational (4/3/17 – 5/3/17)

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This one’s going to be special – I attended another Attack! Pro Wrestling show over the weekend, except instead of one show, it was actually two in a row. These shows were both themed on the new Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Tournament, which was held for the first time ever at Attack! Pro Wrestling one honour of one of British Wrestling’s most beloved independent wrestlers, Kris Travis, who sadly passed away from a battle with cancer on 31t March 2016 at the age of 32.

I only got to see the man wrestling live one time in one of the funniest matches I have ever witnessed between him and Martin Kirby, who both were cosplaying as Luigi from the Mario game franchise and Kirby from, well, Kirby (Ah cause his name is Martin KIRBY, I GET IT!) But still I wish I ended up saying hi to him that night, but genuine nerves struck me as they always do with me being in public, so I never got the chance. This was also important to me personally as whether or not I am able to do resits for some modules n my current third year due to health issues, I am/was doing my Final Year animated film on wrestling, where one of my characters is/was actually themed on Kris Travis. Plus his battle with cancer is something that relates to my family as well which ended in a similar path, so I understand what it’s like to lose someone truly close to you. But with this show taking place and what transpired during both nights, I’m sure he would be proud.

Now since this event lasted two nights, instead of doing the shows separately, I’m just going to do both nights on the same review. Expect quite possibly my longest review EVER, which is saying a lot considering most of my reviews are about four/five pages long in word at average normally.

Night 1 – 4th March 2017

So the crowd in the Bingo Hall of the Cathays Community Centre, home to the relocated Dragon Pro Wrestling Training Academy btw (Check out times if you are interested), was the biggest it has ever been as the show was sold out. There was a sea of Pink KTTTI shirts (Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational), which I too wore since I got the shirt free for paying for both nights. I sat next to someone from the Pro Wrestling Society at my Uni (YES, WE HAVE ONE NOW, only took me taking initiative to actually create one, two year too late mind you. University of South Wales Professional Wrestling Society, look it up on Facebook and what not).

The show opened with the always loved Jim Lee hosting and mentioning how this series would light the Professional Wrestling world on fire, and how it was to honour a great man who should still be walking this earth today. Ever Shay Purser (met with thunderous boos) and Chris Roberts (A past official to my knowledge) same down with two Star shaped trophies, a reference to Kris Travis’ nickname, ‘The Shooting Star’. All four teams came down to take a group photo that would go down in history. These teams included CCK (Chris Brookes & Mondai Lykos), Attack! Pro Wrestling’s Tag Team Champions Bowl-A-Rama (Splits McPins & Lloyd Katt), The Anti-Fun Police (consisting of the NEW Attack! Pro Wrestling Champion Deputy Chief Damien Dunne and a Mystery partner, who wasn’t there and we’ll announce later), The Models (), Mike Bird & Wild Boar, CJ Banks and Sam Bailey, FSU (Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews), and finally, Project Lucha (El Ligero and Martin Kirby).

Opening Match

Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Qualifying Match

Bowl-A-Rama (Splits McPins & Lloyd Katt) defeated #CCK (Chris Brookes & Mondai Lykos)

–        A few of the people brought umbrellas with them to shield themselves from Brooke spitting water at them…

–        CCK got the early advantage with some unexpected high risk moves and an early double team finisher, but it didn’t work out for them.

–        Lykos was acrobatic as always, as well as boystorous and letting people know what he thought of them.

–        Brookes was as disgusting as ever, spitting and giving people wet willies.

–        Pins took quite a bit of the beating, but the upstart came back with more and more determination and innovation, despite a nasty rope incident (which will be spoken about later in this whole review).

–        The owner of Bowl-a-Rama, Katt was the powerhouse of the lot, hitting a few heavy moves while also doing a crazy dive, just because.

–        Bowl-a-Rama could have won earlier, but the referee, Shay, had ‘hand cramp’, which the people called shenanigans on. Pins superkicked him. Roberts came out to ref the rest.

–        More craziness happened from both teams until Bowl-a-Rama won with a Top rope Senton Bomb by Splits McPins and a Second rope Moonsault by Lloyd Katt.

After the match Jim pointed out that the reigning Attack! 24/7 Champion Warren Owen was in the crowd, and that everyone was going to have FUN… enter the Anti-Fun Police. Chief Deputy (Damien) Dunne was most noticeable here, as he had with him the Attack! Pro Wrestling Championship, which he won from the previous champion, Eddie Dennis at a show in Bristol in February. The title looked plastered up with pieces of paper with censors over the word ‘Fun’, covering up the custom made Championship belt of Dennis’. Damien mentioned that Officer (Travis) Banks was not around today, and that Los Santos Senior had retired from Attack! Pro Wrestling, so he brought out his new recruit, Los Federales Santos… Junior! Though from his intimidating size, he didn’t look like a junior. I mean that in a good way, please don’t take away my fun.

Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Qualifying Match

The Models (Danny Hope and Joey Hayes) defeated The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.)

–        Both teams were new to the Attack! Pack, though Damien was more despite as he tried to stop anyone from having any fun throughout.

–        The Models were very playful in their Attack! Pro debut as they had fun at the expense of the AFP, mostly at Dunne’s expense. Thought they worked well as Attack! Pro’s new tassel wearing duo.

–        Junior did a suicide dive to The Models on the outside at one point, which was staggering to say the least. The Anti-Fun Police for the rest of the match were aggressive and annoying to everyone in attendance.

–        As the match reached it’s ending, Junior went to the top rope and missed a huge splash, which The Models capitalized by hitting him with a 3D like double team move to advance in the tournament.

An ‘extra’ match was added on before the interval as Jim thought the people would want to see something other than TAG TEAM MATCHES PLAYA! Whoops, my inner Teddy Long was showing. So we got a ‘Relaxed Rules’ match between ‘The Gimmick Killer’, ‘The Passionately Passionate’ Elijah Dahl, and the Teddy Funk cosplaying ‘E.C.Drew (Parker)’, Drewy Funk. Elijah who came out with Old Poppa Sunflower’s head piece, mocking everyone how he ended his time at Attack! and how he also sent away the Love Making Demon and ended Danny Jones’ Rave… THAT MONSTER! And people though the Anti-Fun Police were buzzkills.

Relaxed/Extreme Rules Match

Elijah Dahl VS Drewy Funk (E.C.Drew) ends in a no contest

–        This was possibly the most insane match of the night.

–        Both were quite vicsious, but Elijah had the edge early on.

–        The two brawled into the crowd, and most of us had to move out of the way from their havoc-making, myself included.

–        The two had a steel chair dual, followed by someone slamming through set up chairs (I couldn’t see who at the time).

–        Tables on Tables ON TABLES… well it was just two tables stacked on two tables, but the thought remains the same.

–        Dahl and Drew went up to the Bingo Hall balcony and Drew was kicked off it, landing through all four tables!!!

–        The match was ruled a No Contest at this point, but Dahl didn’t stop the attack. He even went after some of the ring crew who were seeing to Drew.

–        Danny Jones appeared to try and stop him, but was held back by the rest of the crew.

–        Since they were busy holding him back, they were unable to stop someone else from appearing to Drew’s aid… ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster!

–        Flash scared on Elijah and the crew made sure Drew was okay before heading to intermission.

–        That. Was. Insane. Even for Attack! levels of insane.


Me and someone I was standing with nearly died, he was closer to death than I as one of the speakers from the balcony near fell on us. The vibrations from the music was creating so much reverb that the speaker just fell off the balcony. Luckily the guy next to me was fun, though a free shirt or something for him would have been nice, you considering he could have been killed, or hurt pretty badly at least.

So when Jim came back, him and the fan favourite raffle girl Tasha held the annual Attack! Pro Raffle, with an extra prize among the regular three. I did win any of them, and of course everyone there was majorly salty and they all of their tickets at the guy who won the grand prize.

But after this it was informed that during Intermission, the Attack! 24/7 Champion Warren was actually submitted by a six month old baby boy, Everett. So… new champion?!?! The wrestling experience of youth these days, I’m not bitter, nope, not bitter one bit… (aren’t I convincing?) However it was informed by Shay that due to Everett not being allowed to be shown on Vimeo (wow, what a reason), he would not be able to defend the title, so the title was given back to Warren. I’m sure the real reason was that you can’t have a 6 month old baby being slammed inside a ring or kick upside the head, but they didn’t want to flat out say that, so… DARN YOU VIMEO! Now I’m not sure if that title reign actually counts, but knowing Attack! is probably does. So just in case…

Attack! Pro Wrestling 24/7 Championship?

Everett defeated Warren Owens to become the New Champion?


Attack! Pro Wrestling 24/7 Championship?

Warren Owens becomes the new Champion after Elliot ‘forfeits’ the Title?

Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Qualifying Match

Mike Bird & Wild Boar defeated CJ Banks & Sam Bailey

–        Bird & Boar were just as effective as they always are due to their veteran experience both as singles guys and as tag team partners.

–        The fresh faces of CJ Banks and Sam bailey were well received by the Attack! Pack due to their genuine vibes and how they tried to interact with the people who were chanting during the match.

–        The WWE references were strong for Sam Bailey (I’m sure you can imagine way), but CJ Banks turned this around into chants about booze, which the Attack! Pack complied.

–        Shay, who reffed here, showed favouritism for Bird & Boar by doing some slow counts, as one would expect.

–        Bailey took most of the beating for his team, but was able to power through and let CJ get the ball rolling for his team again.

–        Shay at one point nearly drank from CJ’s booze can, but Attack! Pro doesn’t condone underage drinking, so Banks quickly took it back from him.

–        In the end, Bird & Boar were able to hit Mrs Patterson’s Revenge (Double Gutbuster by Bird and a Top Rope Frog Splash by Boar) for the win.

–        After the match, some laughs were still had with Bailey and Banks. Banks claimed his drinks were bought from Sainsbury’s which didn’t please the people since the building was a short walk away from an Lidl. But the two still had a good time, as did the people.

Main Event

Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Qualifying Match

Project Lucha (El Ligero & Martin Kirby) defeated FSU (Eddie Dennis & Mark Andrews)

–        This match was a great way to end night one as both team were on their A-game.

–        FSU (Eddie Dennis & Mark Andrews) had the edge in crowd support, with literally everyone dancing to Eddie’s theme, ‘Party Hard’ by Andrew W.K. Thought Project Lucha also had support with a mix of El Ligero’s custom theme and Kirby brilliant theme of ‘Dragostea Din Tin’ aka ‘The Numa Numa Song’ by O-Zone. Both got standing ovations even before the match started.

–        El Ligero and Mark Andrews equally pulled out most of the high-risk, high offence. Mark had the upperhand in truly eye boggling manoeuvres, but both were equally as effective to everyone in the match.

–        Eddie Dennis had his usual charisma and strong man offence, which helped turn the tide of the match on many occasions.

–        Kirby had a mixture of some comedic moments alongside more hybrid moves, so a bit of everything. Bits of power, high risk, technical, as well as a bunch more that would be too much to explain here.

–        Both teams worked beautifully together in their respective teams, showing their years of experience coming to play. Both teams had many counters against each other, having everyone on the edge of their seats.

–        In the end, Project Lucha ended up closing the night with the victory after Martin Kirby hit the Sable Bomb on Eddie Dennis.

So that was how the first night came to an end, an amazing night for sure, and the next night would only get better! As a personal note, relating to my University degree, I saw a familiar face in the crowd when everyone was leaving, so I went up to them to see if they were who I thought they were, and sure enough it was. One of my University lecturers was watching the show!!! I couldn’t make this up if I wanted, what a weird way to bring together two different worlds. Apparently he was watching his first live independent wrestling show, quite the impression for someone watched their first show. Especially the part where a man fell off a balcony through four wooden tables.

Day 2 – 5th March 2017

‘Flash’ Morgan Webster’s ‘Wrestling Friends’ Live Podcast! Aftermath

So now while I would like to write more about this wondrous Podcast, I was unfortunate not able to go since, well, honestly, my phone alarm wasn’t working and I slept past the 11:30am start time… of all times for my insomnia to kick in. HOWEVER I am still mentioning it as not long after it ended, Attack! posted n social media of an incident that took place during the closing moments. Elijah Dahl appeared and attacked the Mob-Father and was dragged off by some of the Staff on hand. Morgan Webster then announced that he would be making his official Attack! return against Elijah Dahl, TONIGHT! As if we weren’t already excited for the show going into the night.

As a side note, I listened to the Podcast not long after when it was released to the public, and Flash had three guests on talking about different things. ‘Bronco’ Brendan White and his wrestling experience alongside his battle with Testicular Cancer. Jim Lee on how Attack! Pro got started and why he hosts rather than competes. And the weirdest of all, Lloyd Katt, who enriched the world with his journey setting up Bowl-a-Rama and how him and Splits made it to Attack. Also the man is apparently sixty year old. Dang, I wish I looked the way he does and be as agile as he is at that age. I encourage people to listen to it as it’s a great listen and worth your time. It was also mentioned during Katt’s talk that Splits McPins injured himself the previous night and he would need to find a replacement tag team partner for tonight.

Night 2 – 5th March 2017

This show was also sold out, mostly filled with the same people from the day before, but a few different people as well. But the energy was just as amped up since the people wanted to close this weekend off with a bang. Jim started that off by mentioning tonight would be AT LEAST four times the regular raffle. So for those not aware, four times three means… TWELVE RAFFLE PRIZES?!?!? Some included the regular clothing, DVD, clothing AND DVD. Some past memorabilia from previous Attack! pro shows. A picture with the 24/7 Champion Warren. Free bowling lessons with Bowl-A-Rama, and I prize that I desperately wanted… Morgan Webster’s Lion Hat, which was something he used to wear during his early days in wrestling. I mean, that hat was truly something else. And spoiler alert for later in the night, I didn’t win it so if I mention that hat with the greatest amount of salt for the rest of the review, I’m sure, but gosh darn it, it was a very cute looking hat and I really wanted it! … Never mind, I’ll calm myself by watching Lion Guard after this. Yes, a show targeted at less than six year old… I’m mature, I swear.

Opening Match

Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational 2017 Tournament Semi Final Match

Project Lucha (El Ligero & Martin Kirby) defeat Mike Bird & Wild Boar

–        Project Lucha were much more well received than Bird & Boar in this bout, especially after the latter attacked the fan favourites before they could finish greeting everyone.

–        You had the usual spot of Boar trying to get his foot up on the top rope after Mike loudly exclaimed, ‘Will you be able to get it up by yourself?’ Which I’m sure got more than few chuckles out of the older members of the Attack! Pack. Don’t ask me what it means though, I’d like to remain as pure as possible on this website. He did it at one point, but it quickly slipped down. He did ‘cheat’ kind of by using the bottom rope as leverage to get his foot up, but hey, he did it in the end.

–        Much like the previous night, both teams used similar tactics. Mike and Boar had more the power game this time around with heavy strikes and pure aggression throughout. While Ligero had his high-flying/high-risk offense alongside Kirby’s hybrid offense.

–        Bird and Boar hit their Revenge finisher, but Ligero was able to break the pin attempt before the three count.

–        Project Lucha got the shocking win after Martin Kirby used a Backslide pin on Bird for the win.

–        After the match, when it looked like Bird & Boar would attack, they instead raised the arms of Project Lucha and left… huh, I guess good caused bring out the true good in people, even if for one weekend.

Now before getting into the actual next match, I’ll mentioned that while The Models entered as they did the previous night, ‘Fat Katt’ Lloyd Katt entered without Splits as he mentioned to the crowd, and I quote… ‘Splits broke his face’. But he did serious fracture his nose and wasn’t able to compete, so Katt needed a replacement. So as tonight was a night of raffles, they had a quick raffle for Lloyd Katt’s replacement partner, but of course, there were special coloured tickets that the fans weren’t able to get, and it was announced that CJ Banks would be his new partner, thus christening for one night only, ‘Booze-a-Rama’.

Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational 2017 Tournament Semi Final Match

The Models (Danny Hope & Joey Hayes) defeat CJ Banks & Lloyd Katt & CJ Banks

–        CJ mentioned he did his booze from Lidl this time, which made the people happy.

–        The fans got cheery with ‘Boozing-Bowling’ chants, which Shay wasn’t pleased with.

–        There was more comedic with Katt falling flat on his face during a bowling moment.

–        Everyone tries to pick up the bowling ball at one point, all at the same time, but they couldn’t budge it, like Mjölnir. Katt picks it up with ease.

–        The Models had more chemistry than the makeshift team of Katt & Banks.

–        Sam Bailey entered the match at one point wanting to get a pin, more comedy ensued.

–        The Models got the win after hitting a finishing move on CJ for the win. Everyone still has a laugh afterwards.

Singles Match

Mondai Lykos defeats Mark Andrews

–        One of a few extra singles matches tonight, and this was a very interesting bout as we don’t see Lykos in singles action much, especially with no Brookes.

–        There were many ‘Shut Up Lykos’ chants at Mondai, as you’d expect. There were other single fan heckles such as ‘Worst Power Ranger Ever!’ and ‘You look like a furry!’ (what’s wrong with furries?).

–        Both Lykos and Mandrews were doing all kinds of impressive athleticism in their offense, both doing big dives, the Stundog Millionaire 180 Stunner by Mark, a Spanish Fly by Lykos. A Vertabreaker by Mark. Even a few extra moves you don’t usually see by Lykos.

–        The end came when Mark tried for a Brainbuster that Lykos tried to do many time, but Lykos countered with a Small Package and Shay got a really fast count, granting Lykos the victory. The people weren’t too pleased with this.

Singles Match

Morgan Webster defeats Elijah Dahl

–        There was a mention of what happened to Flash before this match took place, and that leads up to his return back in Attack! after sustaining his injuries last year.

–        Elijah emerged from the crowd during his entrance and blindsided Webster.

–        Elijah was viscious thoughout, a few cool looking manoeuvres you would expect from him. A lot of ‘WHERE’S THE PASSION?!’ shouts from Dahl and yelling at Flash saying ‘You are just a gimmick!’ which he is known to wreck.

–        Flash would get back into it with his fire and hybrid style, which the people were much more supportive of.

–        While Flash was on the offense towards the end, a female fan yelled at Elijah saying ‘Where’s the passion Elijah?!’. So sassy!

–        Dahl appempted to leave towards the end, but E.C.Drew appeared at the entrance and went after him for a bit.

–        Flash ended up winning after a second Guillotine Choke which he dubs ‘The Silencer. Flash and Drew hug and that ends the first half of the show.

Interval & ATTACK! 24:7 Shenanigans

Not much happened during the intermission this time, no near death experiences for anyone that I was aware of. But much like the previous night, there was a little bit of shenanigans that took place involving the Attack! 24/7 Championship. One of the twelve… yes… TWELVE RAFFLE PRIZES (usually it’s three by the way… how even) was a photo opportunity with the 24/7 Champion, Warren Owens, which a lovely fan by the name of Luke won. As he finished his picture, everyone in the crowd was egging him in to pin Warren and take his belt. Honestly, I felt a little awkward about this, but it was a funny sight to see this guy attempt to choke slam Warren, neither of which are trained performers, and pin him to win the championship. Jim seemed a little bit bewildered by this, as most people were to be fair. But when everyone was having a great time, enter Shay once again to drop the Vimeo bomb and say that Warren is still the champion. I hear the real reason Warren never lost the title was that the raffle girl, Tasha made the pinfall, and she’s apparently not an official referee, so the fall technically never counted. But I dunno, Vimeo does have it’s way with doing horrible things tp people who appear on it without permission.

Wait a minute, so you’re saying in some alternate world that isn’t this one, if, for example, I were to pin Warren for the 24/7 Championship, it wouldn’t count because of Vimeo? And I could face serious consiquences?! NOOOO! I put some of my animation work on Vimeo! I don’t want to lose what I have! Darn you Vimeo! Darn you Shay! … But mostly Vimeo.

But in all seriousness since this review is late in getting posted and I haven’t heard ‘official word’ from Attack if Luke’s reign is legit or not, I’ll assume for the moment it doesn’t officially count until they confirm it themselves. The same could also be said about Everett from the previous night, but Jim actually announced that whereas I can’t remember if he officially announced Luke as the champion or not, so… blarg and all that hurrah. Still everyone had FUN, right? … Enter who you’d expect to try and ruin it for everyone.

ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Championship Match

Chief Deputy Dunne w/ Los Federales Santos Junior defeats Nixon Newell

–        The Anti-Fun Police came out saying that there is no man in Attack! Pro Wrestling that can defeat him… enter the Valley’s Vixen, Nixon Newell.

–        Nixon was her usual hard-hitting self with a few high impact manoeuvres. She dived on both members of the Anti-Fun Police outside at one point.

–        She shown her usual Valleys charm in some of her remarks, which include ‘Shay! I’ll let your mother!’ after he did something shady, and saying ‘You are NOT a Junior.’ When asking who LFSJ was.  She even snack on a fan’s pack of Pringles, can’t carry on wrestling without a pick-me up I suppose.

–        Dunne throughout was very naughty with his offense, not well like by the Attack! Pack as he wanted ‘NO! FUN-AH!’

–        There were many close calls for both with big moves. But Damien ended up picking the win a Reverse STO/DDT type of finisher for the pinfall victory.

Four Way Match

Brendan White defeats Danny Jones and E.C.Drew/Rhino and Sam Bailey

–        E.C.Drew came out as ‘The Drew-Beast’ Rhyno, or Rhino to avoid copyright. He had mixtures of the Man beast’s offence, Goring everyone at the start, alongside some fast paced moves.

–        Danny Jones, who was whistle less thanks to Elijah Dahl, had his hybrid style as you’d expect, with some tech and power like moves.

–        Sam came out to a remixed version of the original Pokémon anime theme and wore the classic Ash Ketchum cap. He was more of a high flyer in this match, jumping about the ring using high risk offence.

–        ‘Bronco’ Brendan White was truly the man of the match, showing true determination throughout and showing impressive displays of power.

–        Brendan ended up winning with his Spinning Side Slam for the pinfall win. Knowing of Brendan’s battle with cancer before listening to the Podcast, and him winning on this show which was accepting big donations for cancer charities, it was very humbling to see him win here, and I’m sure he was just as proud to have won as well.

As I just mentioned, there was money being raised for Cavendish Cancer Care over the weekend, and it was announced that they managed to raise over £5000 in that time. Coming from someone who has lose some dear to me to this horrendous disease, this could not have made me any happier. Hopefully with the money made, more people can live longer lives.


Main Event

Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational 2017 Tournament Final Match

Project Lucha (El Ligero & Martin Kirby) defeat The Models (Danny Hope & Joey Hayes)

–        This match was truly a treat. It wasn’t your typical wrestling match, at least for the first ten to fifteen matches. It was all played for comedy, and while I normally don’t like this when it goes on for too long, which it kind of did, I can’t really complain because of what actually happened and the actual theme of the night. So I let my prejudice go away for this match.

–        I’ll do my best to list all the shenanigans that took place, but they may be out of context and be bizarre as heck to read, but hey, this IS Attack! Pro Wrestling.

–        Both teams had fun with wrappers.

–        Both teams took the mick out of Shay, because, it’s Shay.

–        Both Models ended up squatting with Shay on their shoulder after the fans demanded it, in reference to the Pack’s fascination of ‘squatting’ from a reference that happened before they entered the venue.

–        Ligero and Hope had a classic wresting taunt off which got more ridiculous as they went on.

–        A brilliant reference to Kris Travis’ first and only Attack! match with Martin Kirby was made when Martin Kirby had a plunger stuck to his head. Ah memories…

–        There was a chicken fight where two of the guys were on the shoulders of their partners.

–        Shay got on the mic not long after this and said he was fed up with all that happened to that point. He disqualified both teams and declared himself the joint winner of the tournament. This brought out a booze swilling CJ Banks, who Stunnered Shay Stone Cold. Banks put on a undersized ref shirt which wasn’t even down to his pecs. It looked beyond stupid on him, but that’s what was so great about it. Shay’s decision is null and void and the match carried on.

–        The match actually turned into more of a wrestling match after this, but more like the crazy stuff you’d expect from Attack. A few people did some dives, one of which was from the balcony onto a bunch of ring crew.

–        Both teams got in a few big time tag team manoeuvres, both worked very well together.

–        Kirby hit a Sable Bomb on Joey at one point, but he kicked out of it. But not long after this the two had a pinning exchange, which Kirby ended up winning out of the blue.

–        Project Lucha are the first ever winners of the Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational.

The people were on their feet before this happened, but by this point they were cheering and dancing along with Project Lucha’s theme. Most of the Attack! Pro talent appeared around the ring and also joined in applause. Danny Hope would then get on the microphone and gave a truly heartfelt speech. He was pretty much on the verge of tears, as many of the wrestlers and fans were as well. He talked about how amazing Kris Travis was and how he affected so many people’s lives during his time on this world, and even the after effects of him leaving it. He thanked Mark Andrews, who he looked his was in tears bless him. He thanked Martin Kirby, one of Travis’ best friends to my knowledge, and everyone else in the match, many of which it was the first time wrestling theme. He then closed the night by thanking each and every single person who attended either of the nights this weekend. There were many tears shed, I myself was pretty close myself and the affects of what was said still lingered on to be after the show was over, considering how cancer has affected my family as well as other people I know of who has suffered through it.

But still, this weekend was truly something special, and here’s hoping next years will be just as amazing as this one was. But there you go. My longest wrestling review to date. It was truly a weekend to remember. And if anyone is interested in catching some Attack! Pro Wrestling action, their next show, titled ‘My Sacrifice’ (old school WWF/Creed fans may get that reference) will be at the Walkabout bar in Cardiff on April 2nd 2017, the night of WWE’s WrestleMania 33, which after the show there will be a screening of the show. There will be some big matches and possible debuts/departures, one of which I will be sure to write up about should the ‘rumours’ indeed be true, since they are doing ‘farewell shows’ in other companies right now. So if anyone is staying in the Cardiff area and wants to do something interesting before the Mania show, PLEASE consider going to the Attack! show, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll make sure to post my review a lot sooner on this show and on that other potential news story. So until then, it’s appropriate to close off by saying… Thank You Travis. Thank You Attack.

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