Wrestling Review: Attack! Pro Wrestling – Seriously? Another PPV Tie-In Event

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*Warning, the following review may contain vulgar themes and adult content, so if you are under 18, PLEASE tread with caution! As this show concluded over two weeks ago, I don’t think spoilers should be considered an issue. But just in case, you’ve been warned in that regard as well.*

The show was held at the Walkabout Bar in Cardiff and was pretty packed. There was a nice amount of merch, where I purchased myself a new shirt in support of Mike Bird. Though in hindsight, I should have waited to buy it for reasons that’ll be explained soon enough.

The host of the evening was ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster, who was still recovering from his ongoing injuries. He came to be the ‘facilitator’ as he and the crowd yelled, in reference to his wrestling themed podcast, ‘Wrestling Friends’. Yes that was a cheap plug. Go listen to it! IT’S GREAT! Shay would also serve as the referee for most of the matches, so nothing’s changed there. Flash mentioned that some matches had changed a little bit due to injuries amongst other issues, but said we would start off with a bang by crowning the first ever Attack! Pro Wrestling Champion!


Opening Match

Attack! Championship

Eddie Dennis defeats Mike Bird to become the FIRST EVER Attack! Champion

This opening match started the show off on an incredible note! Both veterans in the Welsh Wrestling scene gave it everything they had. It started off very tech based but slowly picked up, getting more and more intense as the match went on. A few dives from both, a scuffle in the crowd, signs were used as weapons at one point. Both kept getting the better of one another on all aspects. Power, signature moves, a few finishers from both, and they STILL kept fighting. The crowd was split throughout, though I’d say Eddie had a slight edge in support. In the end, Eddie hit the Last Stop Driver on Bird to get the pinfall victory to be crowned the inaugural Attack! Champion.

When the match was over, both shook hands and Mike left, but as ‘The pride of Wales’ was celebrating with his newly won prize, Wild Boar appeared from the back and attacked the champion. Mike Bird came out and tried to stop him, but he suddenly joined in on the attack! Seemingly turning his back on those who supported him, even though some people still cheered (not as many though). As they embraced to the crowd’s dismay, Eddie ushered away ring crew that tried to help him to the back, still getting support from the faithful Attack audience.


Danny Jones & Love Making Demon defeats Bowl-A-Rama (Splits McPins and Lloyd Katt)

When you have the teams of ‘Raving’ Danny Jones & LMD and Bowl-a-rama, you know you are in for a good time, and this was exactly that. They started with a bit of a dance, but Jones & Demon turned it against their opponents. Comedy was had with bowling ball moments from Pins and Katt. Lloyd Katt did a huge over the top dive and one point, nearly catching himself on the ropes in the process.

But the risk paid off as he was willing to do anything to save Bowl-A-Rama from being shut down! By the end of things, it was Danny and LMD who picked up the win with an impressive double team manoeuvre that got them the victory. The crowd chanted ‘Rave-A-Rama’ as the four of them ended up having those mysterious… ‘sweets?’ that LMD carried and all started raving like crazy and soon went to the back. Shay even had one (because of course he would).


Wild Boar defeats Tyler Bate

This match actually had someone the people didn’t like in it! At least at the start of it, as people remembered what Wild Boar did not too long ago in the show, and made sure to tell him what they thought of his actions, whether it be cusses or mostly middle fingers, not like he really cared. Tyler Bate was having much more enjoyment out of his opponent though, which ticked Boar off even more. There was a bit of a song with the crowd for Tyler as they adore the man, I mean, how can you not with a moustache like that?! Still, this match had power versus power throughout, thought Bate had more showmanship and class in the way he executed moves as opposed to Boar, who just wanted to get as nasty and aggressive as he could. There was also a musical note for Boar with a Parody on one of those, songs, from the the 80s? 90s? I’m bad with names, sorry. ‘BOAR BOAR BOAR! Nobody likes you! Nobody likes you!’. That’s what they did, you tell me what it was in reference to.

It seemed Tyler had the match closely won towards the end, but Mike Bird appeared from the back to distract him with Boar hitting the Nebraskan Tumbleweed in the corner followed by a Package Piledriver for the victory. But before things seemed bad enough for Tyler, the two continued the attack on him after, hitting a Gutbuster (Bird) and Frog Splash (Boar) combo to send a clear message to the Attack! Roster that they aren’t messing around.

Interval was next, just a chance for people to restock on beverages, and of course… RAFFLE TICKETS! I bought one earlier in the night, but I saw that Lee Construction was selling some alongside Sierra Loxton, so it’s nice to see them getting to interact with the fans.


Attack! 24: 7 Title Craziness!

After the interval, they went straight into the raffle, and despite they being salty over those who won prizes, they weren’t as vicious as they normally were, so nice, nice for keeping it (kind of) classy Attack people. Though they were harsh on one of the winners since he was a well-known regular on the Facebook group. It’s all in fun though, which brings me to the next topic…

Now there WAS supposed to be an Attack 24/7 Championship match between champion Ryan Smile and Anti-Fun Police’s Deputy Damien Dunne. However, we were told that Smile’s was recently injured and sadly he had to forfeit the championship as a result. Damien also wasn’t there for some odd reason, so we would crown a new champion… enter Lee Construction! He appeared and said he would like to challenge anyone in the back as an opportunity to win the championship he won held out of respect for the fans here tonight. Then entered a man who I have mixed opinions about… Sean Kustom.

I DID like him originally because he is Australian, but then he claimed to call himself SWAGZILLA, which made me lose most of my interest in him. There was a funny moment where he said he came all the way from his home to compete in Attack and compete for the 24 Hours Championship (well I mean, he was HALF right bless him), to which the crowd chanted ‘wasted journey!’ Harsh, but it got a chuckle out of me nonetheless. So yeah, we have a match!


Sean Kustom defeats Lee Construction to win the vacated 24:7 Championship!

To the shock of most people, this visitor executed a few impressive moves followed by a top rope Moonsault for a quick pinfall victory. NEW CHAMPION! Quick the impressive way to make a debut… shame that wasn’t the end of his night. Chuck Mumbo appeared next and challenged for the belt himself, and as the title name suggests, 24:7 rules. Or in Sean’s case, 24 Hours!


Chuck Mumbo defeats Sean Kustom to win the 24:7 Championship!

Chuck hit a few moves of his own before hitting Diving Double Knees to get the pinfall himself! NEW CHAMPION!! Until the Anti-Fun Police’s Los Federales Santos Sr appeared and challenged for the belt next.


Los Federales Santos Sr. defeats Chuck Mumbo to win the 24:7 Championship!

Mumbo did have a nice start, but Santos came back at him with quick aggression. He did mess up one of his finishers, which the crowd immediately let him know in the cussiest way possible. He then did the move fully the second time and pinned Mumbo. NEW CHAMPION!!! But that isn’t the end, did you think it would be?!


Drew Parker defeats Los Federales Santos Sr. to win the 24:7 Championship!

The Sandrew aka ‘The Extremely Confused’ Drew Parker appeared in the balcony, sporting his best Sandman cosplay, made his way to the ring to challenge for the 24:7 Championship… AND THEN… you get the idea. Thought this would be the last challenge of this crazy gauntlet as he went to the back after quickly celebrating his championship victory, a smart thing for someone who is going through some form of multiple personality disorder. Well done Drew.


Main Event

Ten Man Tag Team Elimination Match

The Jim Leegion (Eddie Dennis, El Ligero, Jim Lee, Mark Andrews & Martin Kirby) defeat The Bruiserweights (Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos, Nixon Newell, Pete Dunne & Shay Purser)

This main event… where do I begin. When all teams made their way to the ring, it was initially with four members of each team. Project Lucha (Martin Kirby & El Ligero), Mark Andrews and Jim Lee), then the Attack! Tag Team Champions #CCK (Chris Brookes and Kid ‘Mondai’ Lykos), Nixon newell, and he main Bruiserweight himself, Pete Dunne. Each team had someone missing. So, Jim announced that Attack’s main referee, Shay Purser would be their final team member to the biggest cheers of the night. And when it came to the Bruiswerweights’ pick, BAM! Jim gets hit in the face, by… SHAY?!?!

The crowd did a complete 180 at that point, as they felt the need to as Shay took off his purple shirt and white bow tie, and replaced it with a black shirt and RED bow tie! Shay Purser has gone to the dark side! Darn that Pete Dunne for turning the nicest of people into the worst people ever. The villainous lot attacked the Jim Leegion until the new Attack! Champion, Eddie Dennis appeared to battle them off, making himself the new last member of Jim’s team. A replacement ref, Huw, was able to see the match got started, which it did in a hurry.

The match craziness from this point on was just too much to record, so just imagine lots of bodies flying around the ring, being slammed into the mat with many, MAAAAY signatures and finishers knocking people out. And I’ll just cover the main points of elimination, which those were crazy enough.

Shay slapped Dennis in the face at the start and got powerbombed to his other teammates on the outside from inside the ring in two different direction. FSU (Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews) then hit a double team finisher and the pin to eliminate show from the match.

Shay Purser was eliminated!


Pete hit Jim with a powerbomb into four set up steel chairs inside the ring, which resulted in him being taken to the back.

Jim Lee was eliminated?


Marty Kirby was the next to go after a Gory Bomb (Brooke) / Somersault Cutter/Stunner manoeuvre (Lykos) combo for the pin.

Martin Kirby was eliminated!


Next was Lykos after Ligero hit his springboard DDT finisher followed by the pinfall.

Kid Lykos was eliminated!


Not too long after this though, Nixon came in and hit Ligero with The Shiniest Wizard to get the pinfall elimination for her team.

El Ligero was eliminated!


As the match went on, Eddie was the next to be eliminated! Chris Brookes countered Eddie’s Next Stop Driver by landing on him in a pinfall position, while Nixon and Pete held Dennis’ legs down on the outside for the pinfall.

Eddie Dennis Eliminated!


By this point, Mark was the sole Jim Leegion member left, but a Welsh Destroyer by Nixon and a Tombstone Piledriver by Pete, Mark was able to get his senses back around to counter a move by Brookes into pin counter of his own!

Chris Brookes is eliminated!


Some back and forth went on, and there was a point where Nixon and Pete were biting the fingers of Mark, to which the crowd hilariously chanted ‘That’s not vegan!’ for a nice laugh in this more serious match up. Even though Mark seemed to have the upper hand on his former Bayside Watch team member Nixon, the numbers game was too much and Pete hit his Drop Dead finisher for the pinfall victory.

Mark Andrews was eliminated!


Now you’d think the match would be over, The Bruiserweights win! Jim Lee leaves Attack! Pro Wrestling, right? Well I did put a question mark in his elimination notice for a reason, as shortly after Mark was gone, Jim reappeared and returned to the match! HOPE YET LIVES! Jim had a few surprises up his sleeves, with a few flashy moves you wouldn’t expect from someone who left in-ring competition for a few years now. Very impressive! Shame you still aren’t doing your thing Jim. He did end up getting overpowered a bit as you’d expect, but he did manage to counter Nixon’s Welsh Destroyer into a pinfall counter to eliminate her from the match!

Nixon Newell was eliminated!


Now it was down to the bitter rivals, Pete Dunne and Jim Lee. Pete soon hits his Drop Dead finisher on Jim, but he kicks out of the pin at 1! … 1!!!!! Jim’s back up again. Jim is close to winning soon after this, but all of Team Bruiserweight appears again to try and take him down. As you’d expect, The JimLeegion, as well as a few more of the brighter side of the Attack! Roster appear to send them to the back. Pete nearly with a pin while his feet were on the ropes, but Huw noticed this. Pete kicked him in mangly bit (I’m sure you can guess what I mean by that), but soon after this, Jim goes the same to Pete (since Huw was knocked down and all I’m sure). Then he hit a Jim lee Stunner! By this point Huw is getting his… barring back, and Jim has Pete in a Crossface submission. The roof of the building is then destroyed by the crowd’s cheers as Pete Dunne taps out! The Jim Leegion wins!

Pete Dunne was eliminated!


Team Jim Leegion wins! Pete Dunne leaves Attack! Pro Wrestling!

Everyone is cheering on Jim, who offers Pete a handshake, showing the little bit of respect he had for him, only to get a middle finger for his sincerity. Pete chant the ‘Na na naaaa na! Hey hey hey! Goodbye!’ song as Pete walks out, all the heroes of Attack appear to celebrate with Jim and crowd, and the pyro goes off and the confetti flies! Well there wasn’t actually pyro or confetti, one of those would be a health hazard, maybe both? But there may as well have been as everyone was on their feet in support for their beloved Jim lee and the heroes of Attack! Pro Wrestling. Flash wishes everyone a good night as most people leave happy knowing they attended one of, if not, THEE biggest Attack! Pro show of 2016, maybe even ever!

So yeah, there you go, another Attack show! Now if ANY of that has interested you into seeing a show of theirs, they have two final shows before the end of 2016. One of them in the Cathays Community Centre on Saturday 17th December, and the other at the trinity Centre in Bristol, the next night on Sunday 18th December. I’ll be going to one of them at least, maybe both if my money sets me right for the holidays. And you should too, it’s well worth it as the Christmas shows are usually a nice chill way to end the year for Attack. … Chill, ’cause the ice, and snow, December, the Holidays- you know what, never mind. I’ll just leave you with Attack’s social media stuff, as well as their online cartel, so you can buy the December show tickets (if they are still available), or DVD, or other merch. Just support Attack! That’s the important thing.

Attack! Pro Wrestling Social Media Links
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ATTACKprowrestling

Twitter – @ATTACKWrestling
Instragram – attackwrestling

Website – http://attackprowrestling.co.uk/

On-Demand – http://attackprowrestling.co.uk/attack-on-demand/4591917192

Store – http://attackprowrestling.bigcartel.com/


*Pictures courtesy of Attack! Pro Wrestling*


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