Y Pant has a WICID RESI!!!!

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During the summer term holidays the E3, 5X60 and Detached youth work teams from the ‘Y Pant’ area all came together to help staff at the Residential in the Summit Centre.

During the 3 days the young people were there, they got to do all sorts of activities, including Kayaking, Caving and the almighty indoor climbing walls. The young people took part in all activities and demonstrated good communication and team work skills throughout the 3 day residential.

During the evenings there was plenty of free time, which gave the young people a chance to coordinate their own quiz games for both the evenings. On both occasions the games they came up with were superb, allowing everyone to take part in the fun, including the staff!

There was also a pool game created during the residential, it caused a lot of interest from all young people and staff who wanted to conquer the game, and by the time we left, it finally got accomplished to all the young people’s excitement. Saying the room erupted when the game was mastered is an understatement.

As a youth worker myself this was possibly the best residential I have been on, in terms of the venue and the tremendous young people that took part during the 3 days. It was great to meet new young people and witness friendships being made by the time the residential was over.

Well done to the young people.

*Note from the Editor – Who went on this Residential? Tell us what you thought in the Comment Area. Tell us about your adventures!


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