Year 9 Of Porth County Community School Give Us Their Thoughts On Anti-Bullying Week

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This week, the 19th – 23rd November, is Anti-Bullying Week

Mostly everyone has experienced, or witnessed, bullying of some sort. Whether it be verbal, physical, or cyber, any form of bullying is as bad as the other. It can leave people at a very low point and cause them to have confidence issues, body image issues, intellectual issues and family and relationship issues. It can lead to depression, self-harm, body issues i.e. anorexia, and suicidal thoughts, amongst a whole lot of other things. In short, it has got the potential to ruin someone’s life.

To support the campaign bus interior adverts will run for 8 weeks starting on 22nd October 2012. There will be 900 bus interiors to be displayed across Wales.

Mostly everybody has experienced bullying of some sort and we all know how badly it can affect someone’s life.

So, on Monday, 19th November, Wicid visited Year 9 students of Porth County Community School to run workshops about Wicid, creative writing and to raise awareness of Anti-Bullying Week.

Year 9 also gave Wicid their thoughts on bullying – the different forms of bullying, of how it affects people, short-term and long-term – and here’s a selection of their thoughts:

Bullying is a wrong thing to do, and everyone is entitled to something in life.
The reason people bully might be their upbringing or because they are jealous of the person/s they are bullying. Bullies will hit and name call and do whatever they will do to hurt you.
The person who is getting bullied might get depressed or their mental health will not be the same as it used to be and maybe it will affect their later life.
I have written this to try and get a word out there for the people getting bullied
. – blodwyn7

Well, if you really think about it, bullying is the worst thing that can happen to you. Why are you bullying her for, she can’t help her body size or weight. Would you like it? When you’re older and when you have children, if they come home crying or come home hurt, you wouldn’t like that. It’s so horrible – why would a person want to do it to someone? At home she has problems and she gets abused at home too. Think about it, think about what she’s going through. Nobody deserves to go through that. The girl that you called fat the other day is anorexic now. The boy you pushed already goes through that at home. The bisexual you bullied, committed suicide. Just think. Maybe you will finally stop.j933ic4

Basically my school is a typical school with its cliques. You have the cool girls, the nasty girls, the “hard” boys etc. I’m lucky, though, because I’ve never had any trouble with anyone, but I’ve seen things which are totally out of order. For instance: the toilets, you leave the class in the middle of the lesson to go to the toilet, that’s all you want to do. You don’t want to fight the world or anything you just need to go to the toilet. Well, you get to the toilet block, you give your name to the toilet attendant; you make you way to the door. You can hear them from a mile away laughing and talking loudly. As soon as you open that door there’s silence. They look at you; you can see their eyes looking you up and down. You look for the nearest toilet and you slip into it as quick as you can. The door shuts and then you hear the laughter. They cackle as loud as they can. There is that feeling inside of you, y’know the butterfly feeling. You wish that they would go by the time that you get out but they don’t. Chain flushes and you know that you can’t stay there any longer. So you go to the wash basin. You can still see them in the mirror looking at you. They have no right to do what they’re doing. No-one stops them, no they leave them carry on because they are all too scared. Too scared to face them and tell what they’re doing is wrong. So that’s why nothing is being done, so everyday someone faces this. MAKE IT STOP!!!E7713J

Well if I’m honest, I’ve never been bullied. Yes, on the odd occasion I’ve been called a stupid name, but I guess I don’t let it get to me. The worst is seeing someone being bullied, you don’t really know what to do, and you get scared just in case you help that person getting bullied then you get bullied yourself for helping them. I guess I should say something, if I was in that person’s shoes I would want someone to help me. I mean, why would you want to bully someone? Why don’t you just concentrate on your own life and not others? Why can’t people mind their own business? You could say something for a joke and not know if it has hurt them or not? Sometimes you need to think before you speak, you could hurt someone just by saying a word. Nobody deserves to go through bullying and nobody should be a bully. The world would be a better place without bullies. Don’t judge someone if you’ve never taken a step in their shoes. Everyone’s beautiful in their own special way, nobody’s perfect, so before you judge someone make sure you’re perfect first.maseylee

The effects of bullying are that it can hurt people’s feelings and may affect their future because if people are called names they may believe that it’s true and may not have the confidence to do what they want to do when they are older. They also can get bullied for their sexuality and the way their lives are. Also there are some times that people are jealous of others and hurt them and take their things and claim it’s theirs anyway. Also they can get bullied because of the appearance, and also they do get bullied about their personal lives and also the bullies may know that the victim won’t fight back.monkeys123

The effects of bullying have a lot of consequences not for the bully but for the victim; bullying can lead people to self-harm, depression, locking their selves away from other people, suicide and it’s mental torture for them.
There are ways to beat bullying like, standing up for yourself, telling someone and counselling. The main reason people bully are because they’re either getting bullied themselves and then they take their anger out on other people who won’t do nothing about it, until it gets out of hand; which leads to the stuff above.

The effects of bullying are upsetting to the person that is getting bullied. When I first came up this school I used to get called fat and I was afraid to come to school. But I stopped people bullying me by sticking up for myself and for others around me. Bullying is not only about calling people fat but also bullying them about their sexuality and it’s not fair to that person. Bullying is not only in school but outside school and I don’t like it when people are beating that person up for no reason and it’s not fair so DON’T BE A BULLY BE A STAR and stand up to bullies.TLMaraj

Bullying is very bad; it can be used in many ways. For example: Physical, verbal, cyber, etc.
1 out of 6 students are bullied regularly and bullying can cause depression which can lead to suicide, it could also lead to you cutting yourself, if you are doing this you should definitely stop other wise eventually you will kill yourself.
We need to stop this it is a horrible thing.

If you, or a friend, needs to talk to someone about bullying issues then you can contact:

Lead worker for help with mental health and wellbeing:

Judith Sandry
Tel – 07825675845

Alistair Cope

Tel – 07786523910

Chris Medlicott (Comm 1st)

Tel – 07769164672
Debbie Sheppard (Services For Young People)
Tel – 07799132140

Mountain Ash
Allyn Jones

Tel – 07799132142

Hannah Godwin
Tel – 07799132144

Ryan Strong

Tel – 07825675843

Steve Webb

Tel – 07717432387

Lynne Jones (Comm 1st)

Tel – 07769164671
Zoe Jenkins
Tel – 07825675855

Stacey Oliver

Tel – 07825675844

Lee Taylor

Tel – 07825675859

Y Pant
Leon Bansal

Tel – 07825675852

Rachel Brydon

Tel – 07825675848

Rhian Kingsbury (Comm 1st)

Tel – 07769164677
Lucie Williams (Services For Young People)
Tel – 07825675851

RCT Wide
Tracey Webster

Tel – 07825675860
Laura Morgan
Tel – 07786523707

Anti-Bullying Alliance –
Beat Bullying –
Bullies Out –
Childline – 0800 1111,
Children In Wales –
MEIC is the information, advice and support helpline for children and young people in Wales. For more information, check out:
Papyrus (Prevention Of Young Suicides) – 0800 068 41 41,
Samaritans – 08457 90 90 90,


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