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Do you realise how incredible you all really are at your job? If not then don’t worry because I am going to tell you exactly why.

Firstly I just want to say every single one of you youth workers are amazing and are such a great role model to us young people. You all go to work every day with such a happy and positive vibe for all us young people. You may not be feeling yourself sometimes and may not want to be in work but you put that behind you and focus on getting the day done.

Most young people these days think that being a youth worker is such an easy job to do, they think its all about just rocking up to youth club in the evening watching everyone running around enjoying themselves and that’s your job done but it really isn’t. Being a YEPS Worker is a lot harder than some young people realise. You don’t just work in youth clubs in the evenings you do a lot more than that and it can be very difficult some days guaranteed. You all do so much in your job and everything you all do is for us and by us, I mean all us young people.

There is so many things you all do for us, things that some don’t realise you even do. Apart from evening youth clubs to give us young people a chance to meet up with friends and socialise with all the other young people and youth workers, you give up your Friday night at the end the month or you give up a different night through the week to provide fusion for the young people. Once again, another fun thing for young people to socialise and meet new people and just enjoy their time doing something they may not usually do. Some of you go around the colleges and do different activities or give different talks to the young people there to help them with topics like bullying etc. I know 3 workers  in particular that are down Nantgarw college a lot and maybe the other colleges just doing all they can to help young people and to make sure people are aware of what helps out there, make the young people aware of who yeps really are and what they do etc. So I want to say a massive well done to Naomi, Cheryl and Ryan as they are the ones who spend their time doing this as well as spending their time running our youth forums. They don’t have to be in this job doing what they do but they do it for us young people.

YEPS workers do a lot for young people just by being there and allowing us to come to you when we are feeling at our lowest. You have the mental health workers who are absolutely brilliant with helping us young people when we need it but apart from you the other workers in general you do so much for us and no matter what happens you never give up on us.

Personally, myself I have had a lot of help from different YEPS workers as I struggle bad with my mental health but with the support I receive I manage to get on each day and I manage to pick myself back up. There is one youth worker in particular which have helped me through my good, bad and worst days. Christie if your reading this I just want to say I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me. I didn’t think you would be there as much as you have. You have dealt with a lot with me, I know I am hard work and don’t always be honest about how I feel but you always recognise when I am lying now lol. You’ve spoke to my mam on the phone because at one point she was worried about me because my mental health got the better of me and hit me really bad but once again you were there 100%. You encourage me to do things and you keep on at me 24/7 but you do it for me and to help me. You always manage to pick me back up and make my mood better and it means a lot. You really are the best.

I know I just wrote that for Christie but honestly all the rest of YEPS worker whether I know you or not, I know 1000% you are just as amazing and supportive with us young people. You are all such an incredible team and the amount you take on for young people is unreal. As well as being there and helping people and hearing what some of us are going through , providing youth clubs and fusions you also go out of your way to provide us with the youth forums and trips in the holidays. Even some of you working in schools is a lot for you because the amount of issues and young people you have to deal with can be hard most of the time. Since we have been in lock down you have also all gone out of your way to create these virtual youth programmes so our youth clubs can still continue, you have gone out of your way to ensure that all the activities we love to be apart of are still happening again virtually, you’ve even started a YEPS TV live on Facebook which Is amazing.  It may seem like an easy job but it is not , the stress you all go through daily just by doing what you do for us is amazing. You don’t have to go out of your way and do this job and provide all us young people with the things you do but that’s just how you are as a YEPS team. Without YEPS I think I would be lost you as a team is what have kept me going each day. I look forward to joining in with different activities that are happening and I just love getting to know new young people and new youth workers.

Each and every single person who is working for YEPS you should all be extremely proud of yourself for what you do for us all. You are all such a big inspiration to us young people and a lot of us are here taking part and being involved with YEPS because of how amazing, caring, supportive and encouraging you all are. You do so much and like I said previously most young people don’t realise how much you really are doing and because of this I really don’t think any of you get enough credit for doing this job and its sad really because you should. You all deserve as much credit as possible because you spend your time doing things for us not yourselves or your families just us young people. You’re all so thoughtful when it comes to doing what you do and I think young people should be more respectful for what you do and should realise a bit more how hard your job really can be because its certainly not just a walk in the park.

Thank you to every single worker within the YEPS TEAM. Without you us young people wouldn’t have what we have these days. You should all really be proud for having the team you have because you all rock. You YEPS team are the reason I want to get involved and begin my journey in youth work. I am so appreciative of the support I have had its made me want get involved and give people the help and support that I have received because I believe its only right I give to people what I have had given to me .

If you read this then thank you so much 😊

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  1. Les Davies YEPS says:

    Really lovely words, Thank you , Les.

  2. Rhianydd briggs says:

    Thank you les 🙂


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