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Council services are coming together to deliver essential services for the residents that need them the most.

Could you get involved?

A new scheme has been launched to provide specific support and services for young adult carers, those aged 18 to 25 who give their time – and often sacrifice things in their own lives – to care for a family member who is disabled, ill or affected by mental health or substance misuse issues.

While there is a huge range on offer from the Council for people of this age, young adult carers often miss out as they are committed to their essential role at home.

A new scheme has been launched by the Council, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, to provide bespoke support for young adult carers, ensuring all services that can get involved “wrap” themselves around the carers.

A good example of this is Services for Young People, which already delivers a fantastic range of opportunities for young people in this age group. Recognising young adult carers cannot always easily access their services through traditional means, they are delivering and funding bespoke sessions.

This has already seen young adult carers enjoy outdoor education sessions and sports at Glyncornel and an exhilarating climb attempt of Mount Snowdon. There have also been activities to assist with anxiety and stress and the chance for young adult carers to secure accredited qualifications.

This means they can suffer, missing out on school, work experience, employment opportunities and even the chance to just enjoy new social experiences and have fun with their friends.

Louise Cook, Head of Services for Young People, said: “It is vital we ensure universal services and provision respond to the individual needs of young people and that, as professionals, we work together to reduce unnecessary barriers to participation and engagement , ensuring young peoples’ entitlements become a living reality not just empty words.

“By working together we ensure services are as efficient and effective as possible and young people remain at the heart of delivery.”

The Council is proud of its army of thousands of carers of all ages who provide essential support to family members who, without that care, would lose their independence.

Determined to enable carers to continue their vital roles, the Council has extensive support, groups and more for adult carers and young carers.

However, young adult carers have said they often fall through the cracks as they consider themselves too old to be young carers and to young to be adult carers.

They can become isolated at home, missing school, work experience and the chance to secure employment and work opportunities. The opportunities to socialise, exercise and just have fun are also slim.

As such, the Council secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund to launch a new scheme just for young adult carers, with a dedicated development worker, Hayley Thomas.

Are you a service that works with children and young people in this age range? Would you like to work together with Hayley to ensure young adult carers, who may not be aware of the work you do or how to access it, can benefit?

If so, to find out more, please contact Hayley Thomas, Young Adult Carer Development Worker, at: Heddfan, Ilan Avenue, Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd, CF37 5PN. You can telephone her on 01443 668867 (ext 8703), mobile: 07887 450716 or email:


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